Living Legends Chaka Khan & Stephanie Mills Served Up An R&B Divas VERZUZ Battle For The People


R&B Divas Chaka Khan and Stephanie Mills hit the stage to battle it out for VERZUZ, giving us an evening with R&B royalty just in time for the holidays. And it was…interesting. Watch the living legends go hit-for-hit inside…


Give it up for the QUEENS, Chaka Khan and Stephanie Mills! Thank you ladies for letting us celebrate you, and letting us enjoy your amazing spirit and music!! #VERZUZ


— TRILLER (@triller) November 19, 2021


Last night’s VERZUZ Battle was a celebration of GOOD music and the strength of sisterhood between two of music’s classic soul singers, which was the perfect way to usher in the holiday season.

Living legends Chaka Khan and Stephanie Mills joined forces on stage at at The Theatre inside the Ace Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles for an epic VERZUZ Battle. Before the ladies made their grand entrance, fans enjoyed a set from DJ Beverly Bond, the founder of Black Girls Rock!. Then, there was a DJ battle between DJ Ease and DJ Ash B, however, folks weren’t really feeling it.


I turned on the #Verzuz for some Great Auntie music and they are having a DJ contest. Chile who came up with this idea? I’m so confused. Bring out Chaka Khan and Stephanie Mills. It’s a work night.

— BlackWomenViews Media (@blackwomenviews) November 19, 2021



Why are they having a DJ battle? This is stupid #Verzuz

— 5 Miles to Messy (@AshleyShyMiller) November 19, 2021



I’m here for a Verzuz and not a DJ battle

— Smitty from da Middie (@Smitty_1911) November 19, 2021


An hour later (with a few technical difficulties), the show began. Decked out in all black, Chaka and Stephanie hit the stage hand-in-hand.

There were more technical difficulties that prevented Stephanie’s first track from playing, but that didn’t stop the show. Stephanie quickly launched an impromptu a cappella version of “Ease On Down The Road," sounding just as good (if not better) than when she belted out the track on Broadway’s "The Wiz."

The divas served up live vocals and some fancy footwork for an entertaining melody of their hits. However, some fans believe Chaka may have had one too many Ciroc drinks. Let’s just say, Chaka wasn’t hitting all of her notes or standing up real sturdy, and the fans noticed.


#ciroc wins this #verzuz #ChakaKhan

— Tely Fanning Sr. (@telyfann) November 19, 2021



#VERZUZ I just watched. Y’all not gonna get me to say legendary Auntie Chaka Khan was drunk…

— QuantumOfKevin (@QuantumOfKevin) November 19, 2021



I will say this…high Auntie Chaka STILL sings better than 85% of the artist out today! #VERZUZ

— Monique Nicole MUA (@MoniqueN_MUA) November 19, 2021



Chaka reading these comments sober tomorrow still not giving AF knowing the direct deposit still hit #VERZUZ

— Vodka Khan (@CocoKiss131) November 19, 2021



Chaka done broke Black Twitter cause we all seeing the same thing but we also respect our elders so we just all gonna sit here like we at the kids table again and that aunty that’s always lit is going off on whatever she sippin from that paper bag. #Verzuz

— I wake up petty (@Melonious_Petty) November 19, 2021



Stephanie Mills when this @verzuzonline ends tonight… #VERZUZ

— L-Dub (@MsWilliamsWorld) November 19, 2021


On the flip side, Stephanie Mills delivered like no other. She slayed “Feel The Fire,” which also features the late Teddy Pendergrass. Peep a clip below:


The version of “Feel the fire” with Stephanie Mills & Teddy P is a classic. It’ll never get old! #VERZUZ #VerzuzTV #VerzuzBattle

— WellTheTruthIs (@truth_well) November 19, 2021


Not only did she slay her own vocals, she hyped up Chaka and helped her sing her classic hits. The true definition of a real one.


Stephanie Mills is a true Aries baby. She seen her sister needed help. She became backup singer, hypeman & moral support. Fixin her sistas crown..Unfortunately Auntie Chaka is backsliding. It’s a life long fight for some.. #VERZUZ

— (@SexyRasta_love) November 19, 2021



This is my takeaway for the evening. Stephanie is pulling double duty as featured performer, hype woman, background singer, and moral support. #Verzuz

— April (@ReignOfApril) November 19, 2021


At one point during the battle, Chaka made it clear she doesn’t “work/sing for Grammys.” She sings for love. Peep the clip below:


“I don’t sing for Grammys. I sing for LOVE” #VERZUZ @PrettyMill1 @ChakaKhan

— TRILLER (@triller) November 19, 2021


For some fun, Stephanie Mills invited her friend/actress Holly Robinson Pete and brought her out on stage to perform with her and Chaka:


When your frennn brings you up for the #VERZUZ finale but you are ready with your lyrics and your new hair Love youuuu @PrettyMill1 @ChakaKhan #bucketlist #StephanieMills #Chakakhan

— Holly Robinson Peete (@hollyrpeete) November 19, 2021



THIS LADY HERE. @PrettyMill1

— Holly Robinson Peete (@hollyrpeete) November 19, 2021


Fun times.

At the end of the show, Ms. Mills told everyone goodnight…meanwhile Chaka was just ready TAH GO!


Stephanie Mills: Goodnight yall!
Chaka Khan: Fuck that shit…#VERZUZ!!!!

— M. (@committeedesign) November 19, 2021



After wrapping up the battle, Stephanie said she’s planning on hitting the road with Chaka Khan, so get ready:


Post #VERZUZ recap with @PrettyMill1! What was your favorite moment tonight?

— TRILLER (@triller) November 19, 2021


Listen, maybe Chaka didn’t give her fans exactly what they were expecting, but it was still a FAB night of giving flowers to our living legends.

Did you enjoy the R&B Divas VERZUZ Battle? Sound off below! Also, check out our round up of hilarious memes that were created about the battle below! 

Photos: Chaka’s IG/Stephanie’s IG


Twista – Slow Jamz (feat. Kanye West & Jamie Foxx)

[Luther Vandross]
Are you gonna be
Say that you’re gonna be

[Jamie Foxx]
Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh…

[Jamie Foxx – Chorus]
She said she wants some Marvin Gaye, some Luther Vandross, a little Anita, will definitely set this party off right
(Are u gonna be, are u gonna be, are u gonna be, are you gonna be are you gonna be, well well well well well)
She said she want some Ready for the World, some New Edition, some Minnie Ripperton, and definitely set this party off right
(Are u gonna be, are u gonna be, are u gonna be, are you gonna be are you gonna be, well well well well well)

[Kanye West]
I told her to drive over in your new whip
Bring some friends you cool with
Imma bring da cool whip
Then I want you to strip
See you is my new chick
So we get our grind on
She be grabbin, callin me Biggie like Shine home
Man I swear she fine homes
Why she always lying though
Tellin me them diamonds when she know they rhinestones
She got a light skinned friend look like Michael Jackson
Got a dark skinned friend look like Michael Jackson
I play ‘Ready for the World’ – she was ready for some action
My dawg said you aint no freak, so you got to prove my man wrong
I’m a play this Vandross
You gon’ take your pants off
Imma play this Gladys Knight
Me and you gon’ get right

[Chorus X2]

Got you lookin at the gliss at my hands and wrists
While i’m layin back smokin on my canibus
When it come to rockin the rythm like Marvin and Luther
I can tell you aint no messin with Kan-man and Twist
From the Chi and I be
Sippin Hennessy
Play some R&B
Tryina smoke a B
Lookin properly
Feelin on a G?
And always (Well Well Well Well Well)
Come with me and sip on some Evelyn Champagne
You aint know Twista can work it like the Whispers
Hit the stop light, get into some Isaac
The rims still moving so I’m bumping a little spinners
While I’m
Smokin on a B
Dippin through the streets
Bumpin R&B
And I got to leave
something to the 23’s?
And I do it (well well well well well)
When my earth and the wind smoke a fire
Let me when get your sheets wet listening to Keith Sweat
Put you in a daze for maze
Fullfilling our every temptation slow jamming having deep sex
You ready for the world girl
Come on over make me touch you all over your body baby don’t say no to me
An every moment you controllin’ me I’m lovin the way you be holding me when I be listening to Jodeci
And when I come over and bend your ass
You be bumpin Teddy Pendergrass
I’da hit it from the back to the melody to roll it slow
Now I gotta go up in it fast, but imma finish last
No matter how much of a thug you see
I still spit it like it’s R&B, so to the club with me
And with some Luther come on and hope you finna and stilla be in love with me

[chorus X2]

Baby drop another slow jam
And all us lovers need hold hands
And if you aint got no man hop up in my Brougham
I keep it pimpin like an old man
You gots to roll with the plan
Cuz after that then I
Take it to the dome
Then I got to bone
Stay up in the zone
Got to get you home
Gotta run up on
And I do it (well well well well well)
Baby drop another slow jam
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You gots to roll with the plan
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Disconnect the phone
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And I do it (well well well well well)