DaniLeigh Charged With Assault After DaBaby Calls The Cops, Her ‘Final’ Words + Dani’s Family Responds, Brother Wants All The Smoke

After a drama filled fight that was blasted all over the Internet, DaniLeigh has been charged with assault after DaBaby called the cops on her when he demanded she and their daughter leave.


Dani’s family members are speaking out after DaBaby made claims that they “disowned” her for having a half Black child. Now her brother wants all the smoke with the rapper. Get it all inside….


DaBaby vs. DaniLeigh continues!

Yesterday, DaBaby and DaniLeigh, who have a 3-month-old daughter, let the world in on their behind-the-scenes drama, which resulted in Dani having a total breakdown on social media after the cops were called. She also feuded with DaBaby’s other baby mama, MeMe

According to reports, the “Yellow Bone” raptress was charged with two counts of simple assault for allegedly attacking the “BOP” rapper twice. Cops believe she assaulted DaBaby Sunday night and Monday morning during their feud that was broadcasted on social media.

The Charlotte Observer revealed the police were called to DaBaby’s home twice, once Sunday night (Nov. 14th) and again Monday morning (Nov. 15th). First, the 29-year-old rapper (real name Jonathan Kirk) told Charlotte-Mecklenburg officers that DaniLeigh (real name Danielle Curiel) assaulted him when they showed up to his crib Sunday night. Things simmered down before DaBaby called the cops a second time Monday morning to report another assault at the hands of Dani.

Apparently, DaBaby contacted the Magistrate’s Office to pursue charges because Dani was served with a criminal summons for simple assault for both incidents.


CMPD tells me DaniLeigh has been charged with simple assault. DaBaby told CMPD that DaniLeigh assaulted him. DaniLeigh and DaBaby have a child together @wsoctv pic.twitter.com/j3kAv2Ucu1

— Joe Bruno (@JoeBrunoWSOC9) November 15, 2021


The world saw the former couple during a heated argument that went down while Dani was holding and feeding their 3-month-old daughter.

During their online feud, Dani accused DaBaby of kicking her and their baby out of his home. She claims she had a Plan B sent to his condo where she has been living and that made him mad. Dani said she didn’t leave because she didn’t want to be out in the streets late at night with her newborn. After DaBaby posted a “statement” on Instagram addressing the drama, he hopped back online Monday morning, posting a live video where he dubbed her a “certified side b*tch” as she tried to defend herself in the background before walking into another room and slamming the door.

The 26-year-old mother followed up with a timeline of their “relationship,” telling fans he broke up with her after he got her pregnant and then she took him back before their daughter was born. They have allegedly been living together ever since. Dani posted videos of herself and DaBaby all boo’d up with dates attached to prove they were secretly together after everyone else believed they had broken up.

Being spiteful, DaBaby then hopped back online to show their daughter for the very first time. In the video, he blasted Dani’s family for “disowning her” because she decided to get pregnant by a black man. Check it:





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After hopping on plane, Dani confirmed she left DaBaby’s home and thanked her fans for their support:





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Once Dani got on a plane, her family started to speak out. Dani’s mother put up a post about getting her daughter and granddaughter to “safety” just as Charlotte PD announced the rapper filed an assault report on her. DaBaby accused Dani’s mother of disowning her granddaughter because she’s mixed.





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More of Dani’s family members took to social media to respond to the drama. Dani’s brother, Brandon Bills, wants ALL the smoke. He posted a video challenging DaBaby to fight whenever he comes back to the west coast.

”This has nothing to do with my sister anymore, this is me and you, you feel me. You Mr. tough guy, beating up b*tches. I’m in a hospital. I got in a car accident. I’ll still beat you a** on god. When you come to the west coast, we catch this one-on-one fade."

Swipe through to see the clip below:





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After all of the drama, Dani posted (then deleted) her final words about everything that went down between her and the father of her child. She wanted to clear the air about why she stayed in DaBaby’s home after he asked her to leave.





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It’s giving very much ghetto baby daddy/baby mama drama.

In the midst of it all, DaBaby’s daughter’s mother MeMe shared a cute flick of herself and her daughter.

And, of course, she threw in a good meme for good measure (as she often does):

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DaBaby Sued For Allegedly Punching Rental Property Owner’s Tooth Out After He Tried To Shut Down Music Video Shoot

DaBaby is being accused of punching someone…AGAIN. A rental property owner claims the rapper knocked his tooth out when he tried to shut down a music video shoot that wasn’t following COVID-19 protocol. Deets inside…


Rapper DaBaby named his 2020 album Blame It On Baby. And that’s what’s happening.

DaBaby has found himself involved in more legal drama after a man made claims the rapper punched him so hard he knocked his tooth out. The reason? Apparently, an unauthorized music video shoot is what started the drama.

Now, DaBaby (real name Jonathan Kirk) will have to "fight" in court to tell his side of what went down because the man has filed a lawsuit against the North Carolina rapper, according to Variety.

So here’s what went down…allegedly.

A man named Gary Prager is accusing the “BOP” rapper of assault and running out on payment for the Runyon Canyon vacation home he rented to film a new music video back in December. The 64-year-old man claims DaBaby violated the lease by inviting 40 people to the home for the shoot, which is a violation of their contract because only 12 people were allowed to be on the site due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Upon pulling up to the rental home, Prager said he saw DaBaby sitting in a car with YouTuber Jake Paul, who was also involved in the music video shoot. The lease terms prohibited the property from being used for any commercial purpose, according to the complaint.

When Prager tried to shut the music video shoot down that’s when all hell allegedly broke loose. The man said once he started asking people to leave, he was allegedly knocked to the ground by an unknown person. Then, he said the “Rockstar” rapper got out of a car, chased him back inside the home. That’s when DaBaby allegedly punched him in the mouth, knocking out one of the man’s teeth. Ouch!

At this point, DaBaby and his homies allegedly kicked, stomped, and spat on the man, warning him he better not call the police. The man was unable to call authorities because the rapper and his friends allegedly tossed his phone back-and-forth while taunting him.

Someone ended up calling the police, which resulted in DaBaby and his crew to flee the scene. Prager claims DaBaby ran off (with his phone and “valuable kitchenware”) after only paying a portion of the rental bill. Not only that, Prager claims DaBaby and his crew left the home with thousands of dollars in damages, including security cameras to hide they were breaking COVID-19 protocol.

So, he’s suing DaBaby and his manager Kinsza Virgil. You can read the lawsuit here.

DaBaby has a checkered past which includes several run-ins with the law. In January, DaBaby was arrested during a shopping spree on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, California after police found a gun in his car.

In September 2020, DaBaby was sued after a physical altercation with a Beverly Hills hotel employee. The rapper said the worker was harassing him for a picture while he was with his daughter.

Peep the altercation below:

In May 2020, DaBaby was accused of punching a Las Vegas driver during an argument. It’s alleged he hit the driver because the driver wouldn’t allow him and his friends to smoke a joint in the Sprinter van. DaBaby refuted the reports, writing "100% False," on IG Stories. "The devil gone always try you when you doing good,” he continued.

In March 2020, DaBaby was accused of slapping/punching a female fan at a Tampa concert. After the backlash, he hopped on social media to apologize to the woman, but she still filed a lawsuit. 

In January 2020, DaBaby was arrested in connection to a robbery in Florida after an altercation with concert promoters. The promoters sued DaBaby for $100,000 and eventually were able to reach a settlement.

As for his rap sheet, he has charges that range from marijuana possession to more serious charges like the concealed-weapon charge he was hit with in 2019. The judge determined DaBaby was using self-defense and he was sentenced to a year’s probation.

Whew, chile!






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DaBaby’s “Yellow Bone” ex-girlfriend DaniLeigh and his daughter’s mom MeMe got into a social media feud last night.

Meme hopped on IG Live to remind everyone she’s not “intimidated by no b*tch.”

”I’m not intimidated by no b*tch when it comes to a n*gga I was with for real. It ain’t no smoke, it ain’t no nothing, like, honestly that sh*t is nothing new," Meme said in the video. "You know how many b*tches I done seen come and go? I hate to say it’s normal or it’s regular but I mean, it is… I’m not ever worried about no b*tch."

"Plus, I’m secure within myself. I never needed validation from no n*gga, so I know what I bring to the table. I know what’s up with me. I don’t know it to have no problem with it."

DaniLeigh caught wind of her Live video and first tweeted, “Lol sad … but ok …”

Then, she came back with another tweet that said:

”Can’t wait to be disconnected to that situation… in due time … we all human.. we all make mistakes when we in love and dumb. But it’s all about growing fr .. so I’ll take my lessons and keep goin .. even with all the hate I received it’s fine .. in due time,” she said.

Girl, bye.

Photo: DaBaby’s IG

DaBaby Says Accusations Made Against Him About Assaulting A Driver In Las Vegas Are ‘100% False’

DaBaby is being accused of physically assaulting a driver after he and his friends started smoking in the vehicle. The rapper claims it’s NOT true. Deets inside…

DaBaby’s new album is titled Blame It On Baby, but don’t blame this alleged assault on him. He claims it’s NOT true.

An incident that allegedly went down in November is coming back to haunt the Charlotte rapper (real name Jonathan Kirk). According to TMZ, a driver – who’s name has not been released – went to pick up DaBaby and his friends in Las Vegas back in November. They all hopped into the driver’s Mercedes Sprinter van and after a few stops, they allegedly decided to smoke. After allegedly sparking a joint, the driver asked them to put it out and that’s when ish hit the fan. Supposedly.

The site reports:

Cops say the rapper and his friends started cursing out the driver and threatened him. When they got to the Hard Rock Hotel, the driver told his passengers it was time to pay up. The driver claims DB punched him in the back of the head and said, "You ain’t the boss."

Our law enforcement sources say one of the suspects said, "You’re lucky you’re not in my city because I would have killed you cracker motherf***er." We’re told DB and co. got their bags, but not before someone allegedly said they "would have left him (the driver) dead on the road."

So now, there’s an active arrest warrant out on DaBaby for misdemeanor battery.

The “BOP” rapper claims the accusations aren’t true. He hopped on IG Stories to address the allegations, writing, “100% FALSE. Y’all stay positive. The devil gone always try you when you doing good.”

DaBay’s lawyer – Drew Findling – also told TMZ the same thing. He said it’s another attempted money grab.

"A 100% false accusation which suspiciously pops up in February regarding an alleged incident in November. We can smell another attempted money grab," his lawyer said.

This isn’t the first time the "SUGE" rapper has been caught up in some assault drama. In March, he issued an apology after a video of him slapping a woman in the face as he walked through a crowded club surfaced. In January, surveillance footage captured him slapping a hotel worker who tried to sneak a picture of him and his kid. In that same month, he was also reportedly arrested in connection with the robbery of a club promoter in Miami back in January as well.

In December 2019, he was caught on video fighting a food stand employee at the Dallas/Fort Worth airport.

While his track record with physical assault doesn’t look great, he’s sticking to his "It Wasn’t Me" story.





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What video y’all want next? Blame It On Baby” AVAILABLE EVERYWHERE!

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In music news, his new album Blame It On Baby is currently sitting at the No. 2 spot on the Billboard 200 chart.  Maybe this foolishness is all a PR stunt…


Photo: DaBaby’s IG