Quavo’s ‘Huncho Day’ Raises Funds To Support 25 Single Mothers For A Year + Offset, Tyreek Hill, Cam Newton & More Suit Up For Celebrity Football Game

Quavo’s “Huncho Day” resulted in a HUGE blessing for 25 single mothers living in Atlanta. The ATL native donated $150,000 to an organization that’ll help support single mothers for the next year! That’s amazing.

The Migos rapper also hosted a celebrity football game that involved Offset, Tyreek Hill, Cam Newton and several more celebs. Everything inside…

Just in time for Mother’s Day, several Atlanta-area single mothers are about to get a HUGE blessing.

In honor of his annual “Huncho Day” contribution, this year Quavo donated $150,000 to the Tender Foundation. With Quavo’s sizable donation, the foundation will be able to support 25 single mothers living in Atlanta for a year!




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”At Tender, we’re bridging the financial gap and providing a safety net for single moms living on the margins here in Atlanta,” said Jaycina Almond, founder of Tender Foundation. “Our core programming consists of emergency bill pay assistance with rent, utilities, and childcare; providing Grocery store gift cards and operating a diaper bank. Now, with Quavo’s help, we’re able to pilot a new initiative called The Bridge."

The Bridge is a guaranteed income program founded on the premise that every mother deserves the opportunity to parent without the stress of survival. The Bridge is a step toward establishing equity and disrupting generational poverty for Black women and their families.

That’s amazing and very-much needed.

”Huncho Day” remains close to Quavo’s heart. He played quarterback in high school and has found a way to give back to youth in Atlanta with this unforgettable day of sports, education, music, and the arts.




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In addition to giving back, the “Stir Fry” rapper hosted (and played in) his annual Celebrity Charity Game with Tyreek Hill, Mecole Hardman, Richie LeCounte, Offset, DK Metcalf, Alvin Kamara, Cam Newton, 2 Chainz, and many more.





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The day also included a High School Youth Game (Huncho Team vs. Cam Newton’s Team) and two FCF Evening Games—Evening Game 1 (Shoulda Been Stars vs. Glacier Boyz) and Evening Game 2 (Knights of Degen vs. 8oki). The games streamed live with play-by-play commentary courtesy of Greg Mescall and Ryan Shazier.

No mention of his rumored boo Karrueche Tran. 

Speaking of Mother’s Day…




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As Mother’s Day approaches, we want to recognize some real-life YBF Moms!

Send us a direct message on Instagram or Facebook, or email us at tips@theybf.com, with a photo of you and your mother (or just your mother) along with a short blurb explaining what your mother means to you!

We can’t wait to read and share the submissions to highlight some phenomenal women!

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NFL & Vegas Police KNEW Alvin Kamara Was A Suspect In Felony Battery Case, STILL Let Him Play In Pro Bowl, Arrested After Allegedly Punching Man 8 Times

New Orleans Saints star running back Alvin Kamara was arrested in Las Vegas hours after playing in the Pro Bowl. He was hit with a felony battery charge after he allegedly punched a man 8 times at a club the night before.


Turns out, the NFL and the Las Vegas Police KNEW about the incident, but still decided to let him play. Deets inside…

Well, well, well.

Turns out, the NFL and the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police knew New Orleans Saints star running back Alvin Kamara was a suspect in a felony battery case, but both agreed to let him play in the 2022 Pro Bowl.

According to TMZ, NFL security was notified several hours by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department that Alvin Kamara was a suspect in a felony for allegedly causing substantial bodily harm following an altercation that allegedly took place in a nightclub the night before.

It’s reported the NFL and the Vegas police department came to an agreement that the 26-year-old running back would be allowed to play in the game, and cooperate with authorities afterward. WOW!

”We got in touch with NFL security about 10 o’clock in the morning and let them know that [Kamara] was a suspect in the case and they located him and he was already on the field," Assistant Sheriff John McGrath told the Nevada Current. ”So they contacted him and he agreed to meet with us after the game. And so that’s just the way we did it since he was cooperating."

Hmm…we wonder if the police would handle the case in the same way if a regular citizen was the possible suspect. 

Sunday afternoon, Alvin was taken into custody at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas after he was accused of causing serious bodily harm to a man inside a Las Vegas Boulevard hotel around 6 AM Saturday morning. It’s reported he punched a man at least 8 times (which was caught on video) and now he’s facing five years behind bars.

Alvin reportedly admitted to cops that he punched the man over alleged disrespectful comments.

TMZ reports:

According to a police report we obtained, Alvin pushed a man near an elevator bank. The man was then allegedly beaten down by a group of 4 people, including AK. Police say they actually read Kamara his Miranda rights and interviewed him inside the stadium. While talking, they say Alvin admitted to punching the man. He claims the person made a disrespectful comment to someone in his party. Cops say Kamara allegedly punched the man 8 times.

During their investigation, police say they viewed surveillance video and the tape backed up the alleged victim’s story. Cops say they confirmed Kamara’s presence at the club by reviewing a credit card that was used to buy liquor.

Kamara actually played in the Pro Bowl … catching 4 passes for 23 yards. He was arrested after the game.

NFL players have to start using their critical thinking skills and stop this ish. Also, the NFL needs to stop giving them a hall pass!

Photo: Las Vegas Metropolitan Police

‘I NEED MY CHIPS WITH DIP, BABY!’ Quavo Trolls Drake After Georgia Wins College Football Championship Game

Quavo wants to know why Drake isn’t answering his phone! They made a bet over who would win the College Football Championship game and Drizzy lost. Now, the Migos rapper wants his chips…WITH DIP! Watch him troll the Certified Lover Boy inside….


Georgia Bulldogs fans are riding on a football HIGH after the team DEFEATED the Alabama Crimson Tide, 33-18, last night.

Before the game, rappers Quavo and Drake made a friendly bet on who would win the College Football National Title Game with the Migos rapper riding for the Dawgs and the Certified Lover Boy betting on Bams.


”U kno why I’m here @champagnepapi,” Quavo teased on IG Stories. "We are locked in. We are down [money bag emoji].”

“Just run me my bread right after nice and slow no sudden movements #ROLLTIDEROLL,” Drake wrote on his IG Stories before the game, reposting one of Quavo’s post.

The “Stir Fry” rapper was right in the mix of the game, turning up on the sidelines and in the stands (in the #TweetSuite) as he rooted for his home team.

NFLers Alvin Kamara, Mark Ingram, D’Andre Swift and private coach Quincy Avery were also in the mix:


Alvin Kamara, Quavo, Mark Ingram, D’Andre Swift and Quincy Avery make #NationalChampionship game picks @TwitterSports | #TweetSuite pic.twitter.com/nzhfIOvAt9

— SportsCenter (@SportsCenter) January 11, 2022



Quavo was turnt in the #TweetSuite after the George Picken’s diving catch @TwitterSports #NationalChampionship pic.twitter.com/WWlyZYQcSn

— ESPN College Football (@ESPNCFB) January 11, 2022


”Power” star/ former Georgia football star Omari Hardwick was also in the mix:





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And so was sports journalist Taylor Rooks:


The #TweetSuite tho @TwitterSports #CFBPlayoff pic.twitter.com/XvMydviTAp

— College Football Playoff (@CFBPlayoff) January 11, 2022



MOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDD!!!! pic.twitter.com/wNrvGSQFJw

— Taylor Rooks (@TaylorRooks) January 11, 2022


After the Bulldogs clenched the championship title win, Quavo didn’t waste any time to hop on social media to troll Drizzy, reminding him to cough up the cash.

”He ain’t answer the phone,” Quavo joked about Drake. “I need my chips with dip baby. I need my chips with dip, My boy!”

Check it:


Ha! And you KNOW Drake was watching the game.

Quavo – who was the starting quarterback for GA’s Berkmar High School – was all over the stadium after the win, making confetti angels on the field and turning up to his music with the Bulldogs in the lockeroom:





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Georgia TURNING UP with Quavo @QuavoStuntin @Jon_thadon1 pic.twitter.com/2aIGDgou1Y

— Overtime (@overtime) January 11, 2022



“WE DID IT!”@QuavoStuntin hype for the Dawgs #NationalChampionship pic.twitter.com/Tfvpp5yMAs

— ESPN (@espn) January 11, 2022



Stetson Bennett @QuavoStuntin

FOR THE DAWGS pic.twitter.com/Vvh3vcclCG

— ESPN (@espn) January 11, 2022



Them convos long ago about bringing a ring to the Nawf, back to the CRIB…..it’s here Champions of the Nawf HISTORY MADE They wouldn’t understand gang @QuavoStuntin #NawfKings pic.twitter.com/wIEkoA8Php

— David Cooper (@1CoachCoop) January 11, 2022




Them convos long ago about bringing a ring to the Nawf, back to the CRIB…..it’s here Champions of the Nawf HISTORY MADE They wouldn’t understand gang @QuavoStuntin #NawfKings pic.twitter.com/wIEkoA8Php

— David Cooper (@1CoachCoop) January 11, 2022



ft. @QuavoStuntin #GoDawgs x #NationalChampionship pic.twitter.com/wy9err0DGB

— Southeastern Conference (@SEC) January 11, 2022


Congrats to the Bulldogs!

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Wale – Staying Power Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Lately been feelin’ like niggas doubt me
Trust me, they don’t got no staying power
Left Atlantic, ’bout a minute later
Every record label try and scout me
Representin’ all official niggas
Intelligent, fly, and get bitches nigga
I tell her to fly, she catch a Delta
Or she RHO, or she get to steppin’
AKA, I be speaking wreckless
’07 my Supreme jacket
AKAs at Virginia State
My second year, I tried to get one pregnant
Early bird, that was Petersburg
Now, my little bird fly to Teterboro
Halliburton full of Blues Brothers
Ain’t no Akroyd or Belushi neither
Paranoid, so I’m drinking heavy
Hearing voices, I don’t sleep heavy
Had a choice, I can turn a back?
I be runnin’ back for a team or something
Kick return, wide-receiver money
Now, I’m sneaking burners in the club
I’m not concerned about who beefing with us
I can give ’em words, I could beat ’em up
Rap dudes, I’m Zab Judah
Hook, cross, jab, jab through em’
Uber X, I’m in a Maxima
She was in Maxim mag, she got a attitude, uh
But, I’m cool though
I’m not a little nigga tryna big boy
I’m like the outcast of the new school
Spent about three stacks on a Bitcoin, ayy
I got dick for her
You a simp, why you gotta buy a gift for her?
Might buy me a ‘rari, you buying Foamposites
And walk around like we ain’t different
Shit, y’all just Instagram
Shit, y’a just Twitter shit, yeah
I ain’t about to tit for tat, but nigga check the map
Guess who put shit there? Me, Folarin
I got her, and I can outrap my opponents
And I’m not too popular, media treat my passion like a hazard or something
Y’all get the handoff and fumble it
Me, I get it and Alvin Kamara it
Simple city niggas wild with me, so you outta town niggas humble it
Gassing on beats, and I look sweet
The homies is homonyms out in these streets
You probably is wondering what do that mean?
I ain’t too deep, but I ain’t too deep
I am the legend niggas trying to be
Went to Portland before I signed with my team
Niggas couldn’t fly on they feet
Never that broke shit applying to me
Forever that dope shit, it run in my blood like I’m sipping mud
And tired and sleep
We laughing at who thoughts, it’s quiet for me
I quietly quietly built my empire, to set afire to the rivaling teams
I’m a lion, you infusely lying
Devour anybody bothering me
Blood on my teeth
All of my queens got blood on they sneakers
All of my women be loyal and honest
I take ’em all shopping then burn the receipt
Who fucking with me?

Nah really? Who fucking with me?
Folarin, the godbody flow
The godfather himself
Rest in Peace to Chuck Brown
He said, “Young man, when it’s your time, you’ll have the whole nation’s capital and the surrounding towns and boroughs to be following you
Well you and I know its only kinda true
It’s more like, “You shining lil dude, see see there a lot life limits about to come through, but if your run Joe, and bust loose and grind, grind, grind, them lemons are set up, you will get some juice”

[Verse 2]
And I got that now
Flex attitude made her drop that down
I’m off that brown
I’m from uptown
In the school of Maryland, guess I’m from there now
Hol’ up, yeah, I don’t care though
You an H&M nigga, a banana ho
You a lil bamma nigga with no real dough
How you got a landlord and a Lambo? Hol’ up
Y’all can’t tell me shit
If your bitch is always on my dick
Spent about 240 on my wrist
Every time that I record, I’m lit, uh
Ask money, ask money
Ass bet, go ‘head, mask on me
Actin’ gig from Judd Apatow
It’s so funny, I’m fly from my “crashing” gig
Maxfield, tryna see how fast it burn
In the field like a running back or somethin’
I got the passion in me, just got a bag to push it
‘Cause y’all rappin’ niggas ain’t really rappin’ good
I’m gone, Folarin
I got it, and I can out-rap my opponents
Niggas do not want no smoke with me
Nicotine patches on raps and my poems
Somebody tell ’em I’m back in my zone
Olu back in his zone
So I’m back in my zone, hold it