The BEYHive Bans Together To Take Down Beyonce’s ‘Renaissance’ Album Leak

Apparently, Beyonce’s Renaissance album leaked. However, the BEYHIVE is making sure it doesn’t see the light of day until it’s supposed to – which is THIS Friday. Also, Bey teases a "Club Renaissance" listening party ahead of her drop. More inside…

Not a Beyonce Renaissance leak!

Literally hours before its scheduled release at midnight on Thursday, Beyonce’s entire Renaissance album leaked online. High quality files that definitely sound like possible tracks from the album popped up on social media, causing some fans to binge listen to the tracks while others REFUSED to listen to them.

Tons of BEYHive members have taken to Twitter to report whomever is leaking/sharing tracks from Bey’s upcoming seventh album, which is her first album since 2016’s LEMONADE.


i’m not listening to the beyoncé leak until it officially drops, y’all really suck the fun out EVERYTHING

— josh (@thebadguyjosh) July 27, 2022

”i’m not listening to the beyoncé leak until it officially drops, y’all really suck the fun out EVERYTHING,” one user wrote.


I think some of the people here need to realize Beyoncé & Parkwood have never been afraid to sue people that leak stuff of hers, especially music. They also never lose by the way.

— BEYTHOVEN is HEATED (@beyonceparkwood) July 27, 2022



I did not wait 6 years for a new Beyoncé album for y’all to try and leak it before it comes out! I will call parkwood personally and get y’all sued

— (@heyjaeee) July 27, 2022



stans opening beyoncé’s lawsuit in the mail after sharing the leak for 10 likes on twitter

— wiLL (@willfulchaos) July 27, 2022




— Rob (@sirlovedrought) July 26, 2022



Y’all not real #BeyHive if you partake in listening to the leak. #Beyonce

— R A Y (@_ramonchavez_) July 27, 2022


Some BEYHive members are giving step-by-step instructions on how to get the leaked files removed from the Internet:


Beyoncé has started wiping the leak pages
This is how you do it
1. Do NOT interact with the tweet, like share or quote.
2. Report to RIAA-
3. Report to PRS-
4. Report the content to the site it has been uploaded to

— Shay-Li is THIQUE (@badguyshay) July 27, 2022



You can report any leaks you see by sending a report to RIAA’s piracy forum or tagging Beyonce’s label/management company here:

— Beyoncé Info (@beyscource) July 27, 2022


The BEYHive is NOT playing about their Queen and we’re not mad at it. By the way, we will not be sharing any of the files found online. The "leak" comes less than a week after Bey shared the Renaissance tracklist. 

Leading up to Bey’s official drop, several country-specific branches of Sony Music Entertainment took to social media to announce “Club Renaissance” listening parties:




View this post on Instagram






A post shared by Sony Music Germany (@sonymusicde)


According to the posts, the events will go down on the evening of July 28th, hours before Renaissance is set to be released.

Tente de gagner 2 places pour la release party française de l’album de Beyoncé, qui aura lieu ce jeudi soir dans un lieu secret à Paris !
Lien du jeu-concours :

— Sony Music France (@SonyMusicFr) July 26, 2022

“Try to win 2 tickets for the French release party of Beyoncé’s album, which will take place this Thursday evening in a secret place in Paris,” reads the translated caption of Sony Music France’s Twitter.

This morning….


Hey, #BeyHive
#Beyoncé #Renaissance #ClubRenaissance

— Sony Music (@sonymusic) July 27, 2022


Sony Music’s U.S. Twitter account tweeted several hashtags, hinting at “Club Renaissance.

The record label tweeted, “Hey, #BeyHive …#Beyoncé #Renaissance #ClubRenaissance”

We’ll be keeping our phones and computers on stand-by until Friday.

Photo: Beyonce’s IG 

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