Zendaya Responds To Those Pregnancy Rumors

Zendaya heard all those rumors that she’s allegedly pregnant, and she has something to say.  Get it all inside.

Spiderman franchise star Zendaya has been riddled with completely unfounded pregnancy rumors on social media.  Seeing that she and her on-screen hero-bae Tom Holland have basically confirmed their off-screen coupledom, folks are losing their minds thinking a possible Spidey-baby is on the way.





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Now y’all know better than that.  Just because Zendaya isn’t living on social media every minute of the day does not mean she’s hiding a child.  The chick works.  HARD.  So the Dune star let the people know that it’s rumors like this that cause her to not be on Twitter, and instead she would rather focus on getting back to filming her latest project.

No, she’s not pregnant.




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The person who said Zendaya pregnant to get Twitter in a frenzy rn: pic.twitter.com/lGaab6Xi7n

— Stack (@GoddStack) June 15, 2022

yall better chill wit that zendaya pregnant shit fr lol i’ll really jump out dis plane rn lol say sike

— Corn ⚕ (@luhblix) June 15, 2022

streets telling me zendaya pregnant? happy for her fr pic.twitter.com/MV4sdUNcHD

— ¹⁸ (@jetts4prez) June 15, 2022

refreshing twitter to make sure the “Zendaya pregnant” trend is false pic.twitter.com/ZuD22uKUfv

— MATHEW NOT MATTHEW (@TweetByMathew) June 15, 2022

In the meantime, we’ll just watch Z and Tom and their very cute coupledom (and cute friendship with co-star Jacob Batalon) through the screen:


tom holland, zendaya and jacob batalon’s friendship: a soft thread pic.twitter.com/DRoSCEoEME

— Maria (@quackzonqueen) June 12, 2022

mr and mrs zendaya pic.twitter.com/F0nZi2N9NU

— best of tom & zendaya (@tomdayarchive) June 14, 2022

no thoughts today; just a desire to hold someone the way Zendaya holds Mr. Zendaya. pic.twitter.com/mFSaE7e835

— clo (they/she) (@babychavv) June 14, 2022


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