Twitter Cuts Up After Blac Chyna & Alysia Magen’s Celebrity Boxing Match Is Ruled A DRAW!

Blac Chyna and Alysia Magen’s celebrity boxing match ended in a draw, which Chyna called “bullsh*t.” And she’s not the only person commenting on the match. Get into the hilarious tweets inside…

On the heels of losing her defamation suit against the Kardashian-Jenner Klan, Blac Chyna hopped into the ring for a celebrity boxing match in Miami against fitness model Alysia Magen.

After the ladies put their paws on one another, the fight ended in a draw, which Chyna called “bullsh*t.”

“Maybe they should check the scores again,” Chyna told TMZ. Hmm…

Watch some of the fight above.

On social media, Chyna seemed content with the fight being a draw: 




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Alysia took to IG to ask her fans to judge who won the fight:




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As expected, Twitter was cutting up terribly during the fight, sharing videos from the event and giving their commentary. There were several posts that said Chyna was getting beat up:


Nigga Alysia magen & blac chyna fight hilarious af

— Shannon Sharpe Burner Account (@shannonsharpeee) June 12, 2022



Blac Chyna’s doing all she can to make rent on the first of the month.

—(@travisfromdabk_) June 12, 2022



The Blac Chyna boxing match remind me of Kim K comedic match…

— Mmekwa MrTV (@mrtv_mmekwa) June 12, 2022



Blac Chyna boxing for money?!?  this bout to be the Great Depression part 2  

— Kyrie NoIrving (@KyrieDaComic) June 11, 2022



Khloe Kardashian after watching Blac Chyna fight tonight

— Brooklyn (@BrooklynBoyB) June 12, 2022


The fight went down on Saturday. As we previously learned from Chyna’s baby daddies, she usually has both of her children – King & Dream – on Sundays, so fans were quick to joke about her fighting the day before her children return home:


Blac Chyna keeping the kids all day today after boxing last night

— MaltLiquorPapi2.0 (@LowKeyBriliant2) June 12, 2022



Why is Blac Chyna fighting the day before she get her kids?

— Joyce Wrice stan acct (@BlowOnMyMike) June 12, 2022


Blac chyna ain’t gonna be able to see the kids on Sunday after that ass whoopin she took

— Shannon Sharpe Burner Account (@shannonsharpeee) June 12, 2022



Blac Chyna is getting beat up during this celebrity boxing match and she has to babysit her kids tomorrow.. Damn! Miss Mamas is going to be tired!

— Jerome Trammel (@MrJeromeTrammel) June 12, 2022


Why are y’all like this???

Before the fight…





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During the weigh-in, Alysia cracked a joke about Chyna losing her defamation case against the Kardashian-Jenners.

“Hey, I’m not Kim Kardashian. I’m going to knock you both out!,” Alysia said before Chyna lunged at her. Peep the clip above.

Neither of the ladies expressed interest in a rematch. Hopefully Chyna was paid her coin.

Today, Chyna is headed to court! Five years ago, Chyna sued her daughter’s father, Robert Kardashian, after he leaked explicit images of her on social media. The trial is set to begin today, Junie 13th. ROUND 2!

Photo: Chyna’s IG

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