(EXCLUSIVE SNEAK PEEK) Otis Gets Blasted About His Toxicity On ‘Put A Ring On It’ Season Finale. Now The Marriage Plans Are In Question.

Otis & Charlana have reached the end of the experiment on "Put A Ring On It," but hold off on the marital celebration right quick.  Because Otis just got READ about his toxicity.  We’ve got an exclusive sneak peek at the season finale, inside.

One of the three couples on OWN’s "Put A Ring On It" has definitely triggered folks more than others.  And that would be Otis and Charlana.

After Otis basically gaslit his partner, Charlana, by attempting to make her feel lie a "weak woman" for saying she doesn’t want to have male friends outside of their relationship (chile, wut?!), the internets were about done with his toxicity. The fact these two made it to the end of the experiment is shocking.  But here we are.

Otis and Charlana who have been together for three years. While Otis says he values communication, Charlana says that he shuts her down any time he doesn’t like what she has to say. Charlana also thinks Otis is also incredibly controlling and believes that the woman should be submissive. Charlana has no problem standing up for herself, but her strength doesn’t always solve problems when pitted against Otis’s manipulation.


On tonight’s season finale, Dr. Nicole and Otis discuss Otis’s journey, and there seems to be a disconnect between Otis and Charlana.  He believes they have "come so far," and Dr. Nicole basically said, "Nah.  Not according to Charlana."

Watch the exclusive sneak peek below:

Will Shay and Charlie be putting a ring on it or ending up alone?

Also in tonight’s finale – Ken and Shorty‘s relationship comes to an end. The remaining two couples evaluate their journeys. Otis and Fonzo buy rings, but Dr. Nicole tells one of them they aren’t ready for marriage.

The "Put A Ring On It" season finale airs tonight (Friday) at 9/8c.  Will you be watching?!


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