The Celtics Are Headed To The NBA Finals, But It’s Nia Long Celebrating Fiancé & Head Coach Ime Udoka That’s Going Viral!

Social media is doing what it does when it finds out a fun fact everyone knew but them….and this time, it’s to the benefit of Nia Long and Boston Celtics head coach Ime Udoka, her fiancé of 7 years (11 together).  The hilarious reactions to Udoka & The Celtics advancing to the NBA Finals that are giving ALL the credit to Nia Long, inside.

Nia Long’s been everybody’s crush since what seems like the beginning of time.  Now that folks are discovering she’s the fiancé of the head coach of the newly minted Eastern Conference Champs, they’re falling all over themselves and asking for Ime Udoka’s prayer.  Ha!

After last night’s big Game 7 win against the Miami Heat, Ime Udoka is now one of very few head coaches to advance to the NBA Finals in their first year as HC.  There’s even fewer who can call themselves former NBA players, and far fewer who are black. 

The 44-year-old made it known the Boston Celtics organization doesn’t celebrate conference championships, but he def told the fellas in the locker room it was a job well done.  That also doesn’t mean his family and fiancé didn’t celebrate enough for him.

Fiancé and actress Nia Long posted up this super cute celebration video and Tweet praising her man and the Celtics:



— Nia Long (@NiaLong) May 30, 2022

— Nia Long (@NiaLong) May 30, 2022

We know that’s right!

Once Twitter saw it, that was all she wrote because they’re now torn:

Im torn. On one hand I hate Boston with all my heart but on the other hand I want Nia Long to be happy even if it’s not with me

— Rancho Coochiemuncha (@LangstonKerman) May 30, 2022

Me, a Lakers fan, happy for Nia Long’s man

— Britni Danielle (@BritniDWrites) May 30, 2022

But mostly, the people are congratulating Udoka for winning both on and off the court with the woman of everyone’s dreams. They’re even asking him for his prayer. Ha!

Finals and Nia Long at home… which prayer is it big dog.

— Mario LeMute (@VeraPtDaRzrAway) May 30, 2022

Imagine winning a conference title your first year on the job and then going home to Nia Long. Ime Udoka is Time’s Man of The Year.

— JLBarrow (@JLBarrow) May 30, 2022

This man sleeps with Nia Long. Just completing side missions now

— Gene Parmesan (@dsonoiki) May 30, 2022


— stas (@AstasiaWill) May 30, 2022

Ime Udoka just won the ECF in his first year as a head coach and gets to go home to Nia long . Bruh winning winning.

— Dwaine Mitchell Jr. (@_HighlyFavored2) May 30, 2022

Y’all got Ayesha Curry… We got Nia Long
Its levels

— Jay Dolla (@Jhanai_Dimplz) May 30, 2022

Get you a wife like Nia Long to celebrate your wins. Our Nigerian Basketball Legend also coach of the Boston Celtics has just made history. First rookie coach with multiple game 7 wins to reach the NBA finals. Congrats Ime Udoka.

— Peter Obi’s Driver (@Unkul_Obi) May 30, 2022

Definitely rooting for the black coach that bagged Nia Long in the finals. Celtics in 6.

— (@papafrock) May 30, 2022

Ime got Nia Long on his arm and took the Celtics to the finals year one. He goated

— N Osei (@NOsei07) May 30, 2022

Ime Udoka could win 8 rings but him bagging Nia Long will always be his biggest accomplishment.

— Amajahl Knowles (@3AM__MO) May 24, 2022

Celtics coach goes home to Nia Long every day. That man is already a champion.

— Matt (@EastPointMadeMe) May 30, 2022

Your wife Nia Long & now you going to the NBA finals…bruh life really a movie

— Staywokeem Woodbine (@Ahki117) May 30, 2022

This black excellence tho. AND pulled Nia Long. Finals first year too.

— Z.Smith | For | (@Zsmith901) May 30, 2022

Ime Udoka got his team to the NBA finals in his first year as a coach and he gets to come home to Nia Long? God has His favorites

— Yes sir (@Binoosi) May 30, 2022

I’ve had a crush on Nia Long for 27 of my 36 years, and I am not about to waver now. Respectfully, this is not a contest.

— Dwayne David Paul (@DwayneDavidPaul) May 30, 2022



She and their son Kez have been at many at the games cheering him and the team on in person:

@NiaLong checking in with us courtside

— Celtics on NBC Sports Boston (@NBCSCeltics) May 24, 2022




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A post shared by Nia Long (@iamnialong)


We’re not mad at Nia going viral for getting all the praise either:

nia long’s man is the finest coach in the entire league. our girl continues to be a legend.

— in charge of the girls (@AmeriKraut) May 24, 2022

Nia Long deserves all the credit.

— Jamel Johnson (@NonProfitComic) May 30, 2022

While most of us are NOT Celtics fans in any way, I’m loving how the Black community is united in the fact that Nia Long and her boo are the NBA couple we deserve.

— Dr. Nicki Washington (@dr_nickiw) May 30, 2022

We gotta agree. Congrats to the Celtics!


Photos: Nia’s Twitter/Getty

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