Jesse Williams’ EXPOSED Third Leg Has Everyone EXTRA THIRSTY & Wondering How To Cop Broadway Tix (Oh, He’s Not Single Either)

Someone snuck a video of Jesse Williams on Broadway and it’s the viral video that we didn’t know we needed. The (NSFW) clips of the naked actor in action, plus what he has to say about it all inside…

Whew, LAWD – Father in HEAVEN.

The Internet is collectively thirsting after actor Jesse Williams. And it’s not because he was nominated for a TONY Award yesterday. Although, we now know WHY he nabbed the nom – or at least partially.

Usually, Broadway is a NO phone zone. However, someone was sneaky enough to whip out their cellphone (or possibly another device) to record Jesse Williams butt ball naked onstage during a shower and kissing scene of the Broadway show “Take Me Out,” which is about a gay professional baseball player dealing with coming out to his teammates and in the press.

Full. Frontal. Nudity.

We can’t post the videos here (for obvious reason), but you can click HERE, HERE and HERE to see what Jesse is working with. And let’s just say, the man is blessed, OKAY?! WARNING – Do not click those links at work or around children. 

It just so happened the nude clips surfaced on social media on the same day Jesse was nominated for a Tony Award in the Best Performance by an Actor in a Featured Role in a Play for his role in “Take Me Out.” How fitting.

Folks are CUTTING UP on Twitter after viewing the clip:


i hope jessie williams has had a meal today. a nice drink. a massage, perhaps. really anything he wants. any and every thing.

— CHIKA (@oranicuhh) May 10, 2022



Just saw why Jesse Williams is trending and I—

— Shanelle Genai (@shanellegenai) May 10, 2022




Good morning to Jesse Williams only

— EVIL LIZZO (@NikkiCallowayy) May 10, 2022



How many times have I watched that Jesse Williams video?

— Sal (@TheSaltySal) May 10, 2022



Me in first row watching perform Jesse Williams I love theater

— Christian Beker (@ChristianBeker) May 10, 2022



Twitter after seeing that Jesse Williams leak

— ItsBrando (@ItsBrandoLuv) May 10, 2022



me logging into twitter and seeing jesse williams’ monstrous meat on broadway like:

— — laura (@sincerelyslexie) May 10, 2022



No wonder Jessie Williams ex wife mad right tf out

— OkSach (@CashMom__) May 10, 2022


And we can’t even blame them.

The “Grey’s Anatomy” star – who’s currently involved in a custody battle with his ex-wife Aryn Drake-Lee – appeared on “Watch What Happens Live” last night and responded to the reactions.

"It’s a body, once you see it, you realize it’s whatever, it’s a body!,” he said. "I just have to make it not that big of a deal."

Midway through one of the games they played, Andy asked Jesse if he’s single and he said "No."  That’s interesting, since he and actress Taylour Paige were rumored to have broken up a while back.

When the internets said they see why his ex(es?) won’t leave him alone, we just had to pour a glass and nod in agreement chile.

So, who’s trying to go with Broadway? LOL!

Photo: Joe Seer/Shutterstock

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