EXCLUSIVE SNEEK PEEK: Tina Goes OFF & Drops A ‘Truth’ Bomb About Paul On OWN’s ‘Ready To Love’

Chile, your girl Tina has had it with the "experiment" that is "Ready To Love" and she calls out Paul while explaining why she wanted to self-eliminate.  And it’s not pretty.  Watch our exclusive sneak peek inside.


Folks have been extra mad at "Ready To Love" star Tina for basically self-eliminating from the entire dating process the show is about because she claimed it was too hard dating 4-5 men she wasn’t vibing with immediately.  So when the cast came together to talk to host Nephew Tommy on tonight’s episode, things get heated.  And Tina’s not the only one who gets called out.

In the sneak peek, Tina is confronted after ghosting the process and drops a bomb about Paul. Nephew Tommy asks Tina her reasons for ghosting everyone on the show, and she calls Paul a liar, saying he and someone they called on 3-way confirmed he was solely doing the show to promote his upcoming book.  He apparently wasn’t actually there to find love, and pressured Tina to self eliminate so he could have her to himself.

Chile, you gotta watch.


"Ready to Love" is Friday night’s top original cable series among African American women, and we can see why.   Tune in for new episodes on Fridays at 8/7c and catch up on the Watch OWN app.


Photo: OWN

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