Andrew ‘I’m Lookin’ For The Good Womens’ Caldwell Says He’s A Virgin After Being ‘Deliverdt’ From Homosexuality In Jaw Dropping TV Interview

Social media star Andrew Caldwell sat down with Reginae Carter for an interview to update us all about his love life since being “deliveredt” from homosexuality. More of what he said inside…


Since 2014, Andrew Caldwell has been keeping folks entertained with videos he posts to social media after going viral. You’ll recall, Andrew got on everyone’s radar after he went viral in a video where he proclaimed his deliverance from homosexuality during a convention in St. Louis. 

“I’m deliverdt! I don’t like mens no more!,” he famously said in the video.





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Since his proclamation, Andrew Caldwell – who stars on ZEUS’ “Bad Boys: Los Angeles” – has been trying to convince folks he’s all for “the womens” now, although, folks aren’t really buying it.

Now, he’s updating folks on his life with women since being "deliveredt from homosexuality".

”I get hard for women now. I don’t get hard for men,” Andrew shared. “When God take that desire from you, you are what you say you are.”

During a new interview with Reginae Carter for ALLBLK’s Social Society, Andrew revealed he has “tried the meow” before, but he’s “not going to try it for a while.”

”I have and it feels good. It’s like when I touch a woman, you guys body is more firm, more soft," he said. "It feel good. It actually feels good, but I’m not going to try it for a while because I have to wait till I get married."

”Are you a virgin?,” Reginae asked.

”Am I a virgin? For a woman or a man?,” Andrew asked Reginae.

”Oh, you were talking about marriage, wouldn’t it be for both?,” Reginae responded.

”Now that I’ve been redeemed, since I’ve been cleaned up, I’m a virgin,” he said.

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Also during the interview…





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The reality star also talked about his “beef” with Natalie Nunn – who stars on ZEUS’ “Baddies ATL” – and how it started. He claims they don’t have beef, and the only thing he can do for her is to get her “face repaired.”

”You know like on the side of the face [Natalie’s face], it’s like really crumbled up, chopped up. Makeup…umm MAC won’t do it,” he said. Lord. He also accused her of wearing fake designers and said when she starts wearing real designers then they can talk.

Peep the clip above.

In other news…





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Andrew Caldwell recently announced he’s taking legal action against Zeus with claims that the network "created an unsafe and toxic environment for everyone involved." He shared a statement from his attorney regarding sexual harassment allegations and how the network failed to "ensure the safety and security of its cast members.”

As of right now, details about what specifically occurred or who was involved have not been released.


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