EXCLUSIVE SNEAK PEAK: ‘black-ish’ Has The Black Male Vulnerability Conversation We All Need To Be Having

Whew chile.  ‘black-ish’ is going there in its final season.  And it’s the conversation we ALL need to be having.  We’ve got an exclusive sneak peek at this week’s episode inside.

Black male vulnerability is always a hot topic.  Are black males allowed to show emotion – pain, sadness, fear – to the public?  Or, is the question, should they?

It seems like such a moot topic in 2022 – the era of normalizing wellness and mental health – but it’s STILL a thing in certain communities.

Of course, there’s generational differences in the way folks feel men – especially black men – should handle their emotions.  So y’all know "Take it like a man" Dre (Anthony Anderson) and "Wear my heart on my sleeve" Junior (Marcus Scribner) – who is suffering through a break up – were going to butt heads on this.  But it’s a necessary convo folks need to see play out.  Watch the sneak peek below:



"black-ish" (@blackishabc) airs TUESDAYS at 9:30/8:30c on ABC! 

The series finale airs April 19, 2022.  Get your tissues ready!


Photo: ABC

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