Tasha K Files Appeal In $4M Defamation Case After Cardi B Filed A Permanent Injunction To Ban YouTuber From Posting ‘Disgusting Lies’

Cardi B vs. Tasha K – ROUND 2! Tasha K files an appeal after being ordered to pay Cardi B $4 million after the rapper prevailed in her defamation suit. Days before Tasha filed her appeal, Cardi filed a permanent injunction against Tasha, asking a judge to ban her from posting “disgusting lies.”

Deets inside…

It’s not over until Cardi B gets her shmoney!

Earlier this year, Tasha K was ordered to pay Cardi B roughly $4 million in damages for defamation, invasion of privacy and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Now, the YouTuber (real name Latasha Kebe) has filed an appeal, which she promised to do after the ruling, in an effort to have the judgement overturned.

According to Radar Online, Tasha K’s legal team filed a notice of appeal on March 17th, almost a month after a jury found her liable for harmful comments she made about the Bronx raptress.

“The above-named Defendants, Latasha Kebe and Kebe Studios LLC, appeal to the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit from the final judgment entered on February 17, 2022,” the filing reads. “Respectfully submitted this 17th day of March, 2022.”

You’ll recall, Tasha K appeared on Social Society where she told the hosts she “ain’t got it” in reference to the millions she’s ordered to pay the Grammy Award winner.

"I ain’t got it. Listen, I ain’t got it. I ain’t got it,” Tasha said during the interview. “Don’t ask me for no money. I ain’t got it. But listen, we have business and things in place that takes care of things like this. Now, of course, the appellate court and the supreme court is in process right now.” Peep the clip above.

Afterwards, the “UP” rapper hopped on Twitter with a subliminal (but not so subliminal) response:


Think is a game but trust imma come for everything …..BBHMM

— Cardi B (@iamcardib) February 22, 2022


”Think is a game but trust imma come for everything …..BBHMM,” Cardi tweeted.

BBHMM means “B*tch Better Have My Money.” Bloop.

Even after losing the lawsuit, Cardi claims Tasha K hasn’t stopped trashing her online, so she filed additional paperwork early March 2022. The rap mom-of-two filed a permanent injunction against Taska K, requesting that a federal judge ban her from posting “harmful and disgusting lies.” 

“Plaintiff filed this action because defendants refused to stop targeting her with harmful and disgusting lies,” Cardi’s legal team wrote in court documents obtained by Billboard. “Damages alone are inadequate to address the constant ongoing threat of defendants repeating the defamatory statements [and] defendants have explicitly said that they will continue publishing the defamatory statements unless an injunction is issued.”

According to TMZ, Cardi also accused Tasha K of transferring her assets in an attempt to not cough up the cash. Hmph.

Back in January, the 29-year-old rapper-turned-Nickelodeon star was initially awarded $1.25 million in her libel suit against the 40-year-old YouTuber. It was increased to $3.8 million after the Georgia judge awarded Cardi another $1.5 million in punitive damages and an additional $1.3 million in attorney fees.

The lawsuit stemmed from lies Tasha spread about Cardi on her YouTube account where she alleged the former “Love & Hip Hop” star had herpes, abused cocaine, and was a prostitute. During her testimony, the “WAP” raptress said all of the online rumors caused her to feel suicidal. Those feelings and thoughts were magnified as she had given birth to her daughter, Kulture, around the time all of the drama popped off (2018). The NYC raptress filed the defamation lawsuit against Tasha K in 2019. 

The jury found Tasha K guilty of “defamation of character, invasion of privacy through portrayal in a false light and intentional infliction of emotional distress.” After the ruling, Tasha shared a video addressing the verdict, where she said had expected that outcome being that she was up against the “corporate machine.”

Sheesh. This is far from over.

Photos: Cardi’s IG/Tasha’s IG 

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