Ne-Yo Partially Blames Women For ‘Super Misogynistic’ R&B Lyrics – ‘The More Y’all Accept It, The More That’s Going To Happen’

Ne-Yo admits R&B lyrics have gotten “super misogynistic.” However, he believes it’s not just the fault of men. He says women should stop dancing to misogynistic music if they want men to stop calling them b*tches. Confused? So are we.

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Ne-Yo has a message for the ladies: "Stop dancing to misogynistic music if you want a man to respect you."

We’ll get to this double standard-ridden excuse in a minute.

So, yeah. R&B crooner Ne-Yo says the “remedy” to “super misogynistic” lyrics is women’s actions, not the men who make the music.

While chopping it up on Real 92.3’s “The Cruz Show,” the three-time Grammy winner addressed how R&B lyrics have took a misogynistic turn and admitted the lyrics have gotten out of control. He said that men can only be blamed “halfway” because its not JUST them.

The 42-year-old father-of-five (including two daughters) feels if women want men to stop “calling them b*tches,” then they should stop dancing to misogynistic lyrics.

“It’s gotten super misogynistic, which I don’t understand,” the singer said. “And mind you, I can only blame us men halfway for that. Because as a woman, if a man sings the word ‘bitch’ to you and you smile at him, then he’s probably going to do it again.”

He continued, “The more misogynistic the lyrics get, the more y’all accept it, the more it’s gonna happen. That’s just kinda what that is,” Ne-Yo went on. He then posed a possible solution to the problem. “So ladies, I love y’all to death,” he said, “but if y’all want men to stop calling you bitches, stop dancing to them records.”

Peep the clip below:


“If y’all want men to stop call you b*tches… stop dancing to the records.” – Ne-Yo

— The Cruz Show (@TheCruzShow) February 17, 2022


Men made misogynistic lyrics before women were dancing to it openly. How about ending misogyny by stop being misogynistic. Now women have to be perfect to gain respect? But if women told men to stop acting like and calling each other the N-word in order for white people to stop disrespecting them and shooting them, it would be a major problem. 

There will always be people in a demographic who like problematic things.  Plenty of black men love being called N-words by white women, quiet as kept.  And love being treated as a special negro.  But it would be asinine for us to excuse the problematic behavior, even in part, until every single black man stops accepting and liking that behavior.

What others accept should have no bearing on how YOU choose to conduct yourself if you do, in fact, take issue with a behavior.  Those with the power to change the issue – men – should own the responsibility whether people accept your problematc B.S. or not.  An entire demographic of people does not have to be perfect in order for a human being to make their own decisions about what’s acceptable to say and do, regardless of people accept.


After the clip went viral, reactions came pouring in. Sports analyst Jemele Hill compared his theory to white people and Black men:


Replace *men* with white people, and *bitches* with the n-word and see if it still hits the same.

— Jemele Hill (@jemelehill) February 18, 2022


”Replace *men* with white people, and *bitches* with the n-word and see if it still hits the same,” Jemele tweeted.


Some Black men are to Black women as white men are to Black people. #Neyo is to Black women as white men are to Black people.

— Renee (@ReneeRevelation) February 18, 2022



That statement makes as much sense as “If y’all want white folks to stop calling you n******, stop dancing to them records “. Sexism is toxic…just like racism! #neyo

— TED WINN (@officialtedwinn) February 18, 2022



Ne-Yo fails to realize the women who want male musicians to stop using derogatory names are not dancing to his records! #tonedef

Ne-Yo Says If Women Want Male Musicians To Stop Calling Them Derogatory Names Then They Should ‘S… via @Yahoo

— Justin R Dilwood (@JDillwood) February 17, 2022



Some people agreed with his point of view:


Nothing wrong with what @NeYoCompound said. Only ppl who don’t want to be accountable for anything will find an issue with it. Radio Shack closed cause no one went there anymore. Same here. Don’t like/dance to/buy/stream it if you don’t like the message or lyrics. #neyo #ne-yo

— Blk Code ( (@myblkcode) February 17, 2022

Maybe he has a point… (Ladies if you’re that offended then why do u give that energy attention )#Revolt #NeYo

— GeoFly77 (@Fly77Geo) February 17, 2022



Ne-Yo is right though… if you hate a behavior, you should stop rewarding it!

Hata hapa Tanzania, watu wanalalamika art of songwriting imekufa, ila hao hao wako busy singing tunes ambazo zinawafanya hao artist kuwa encouraged kufanya the same thing y’all claim to dislike!

— Webiro Wakazi Wassira #TheLeader (@Wakazi) February 17, 2022



They dogging @NeYoCompound but I understand percent what he’s saying.

— Donnie (@_Donnie88) February 17, 2022


Do you agree or disagree with Ne-Yo?

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