Lil Fizz Clowned On Social Media After His ‘Mushroom’ Leaked In Viral X-Rated Clip

It seems a clip from Lil Fizz’s alleged OnlyFans account made its way on Twitter and instantly went viral. Now, he’s being clowned for his “mushroom” penis because it wasn’t giving what fans thought it was supposed to give. Deets inside…


The prayers of some Lil Fizz fans were answered…or maybe not depending on who you ask.

Not long after Nelly’s x-rated fellatio clip was “mistakenly” uploaded to his IG Stories, an x-rated clip allegedly involving singer/reality star Lil Fizz made its way online. Well, the video was purposely loaded to his alleged OnlyFans account (which he links to in his bio), but it was made public, causing the B2K singer to trend online.

Apparently, folks aren’t feeling what Fizz is packing and they made it known, clowning the “Bump Bump Bump” singer relentlessly. The viral clip shows a video from Lil Fizz’s alleged OnlyFans account where he’s masturbating. 

There were several mentions about Fizz’s penis being the same shape as a "mushroom" and now his IG comments are flooded with mushroom emojis. The Internet is something else! 

We can’t post the clip here for obvious reasons, but you can take a peek at the clip HERE. Warning, it’s NOT safe for viewing at work or around children. 

The Internet offered up endless (and comical) reactions to the x-rated clip, which you can check out below:


If y’all cant find the Lil Fizz video, lemme save you some time… this what it looks like:

— MODELBOYJD (@modelboyjd) February 9, 2022



Is this what Moniece , Amanda and April were beefing over ? A Lil Fizz freaking mushroom

— Mondy Carrington (@MondyCarrington) February 9, 2022



Lil Fizz Is Really A ; Like Damn That’s What Moniece Used To Be Crazy Over

— QueenBurr (@KeepCalmLuvBurr) February 9, 2022



Me watching lil fizz video

— REGINA GEORGE (@ArrogantSnob) February 9, 2022



My face when I seen the lil fizz video

— TeeAhhRAWR (@Teeahhrawr_xo) February 9, 2022


Lil Fizz def could’ve kept that video to himself

— icarlo saw ateez (@carlosshamburg1) February 9, 2022



That lilfizz video— I should’ve minded my own business

— Mostly Black and Bitter (@fkanigss) February 9, 2022



Not Lil Fizz giving…

— nick (@Creat1ve) February 9, 2022


#Lilfizz Moniece called you “Lil fizzle pop” for a reason

— nenamo510 (@nenamo510) February 10, 2022

Still undefeated.

Shockingly, Fizz’s son’s mother Moniece Slaughter – who’s currently pregnant by someone else – hasn’t said anything about her baby daddy trending online. He hasn’t said anything about it yet either.

Photo: Instagram

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