WHEW! Janet Jackson’s LIFETIME Doc Rakes In Record Ratings & Tons Of Must-See Reactions

Janet Jackson’s four-part documentary brought in record ratings for LIFETIME. And it seems everyone on social media has something to say about it, particularly sounding off about Jermaine Dupri admitting to cheating on the singer. Because, audacity. Get it all inside…


In celebration of the 40th anniversary of her debut album, Janet Jackson gave fans a behind-the-scenes look at her life as she transformed from being the baby sister of The Jackson 5 to a global icon. The two-day event brought in record numbers for LIFETIME and everyone seemingly had something to say after watching it. The Internet was in a frenzy with dialogue about the series.


Baby Janet Jackson with her brothers at the studio during rehearsals #JanetJackson #JanetJacksonDoc pic.twitter.com/or4ln58kQU

— (@iamveronica777) January 29, 2022


According to reports, Janet’s doc was watched by so many people that it became the network’s most-watched non-fiction show since “Surviving R. Kelly” premiered in 2019.

Not only that, viewership is still growing.

Nielson Company reported Part 1 – which aired on Friday – was watched by 2.8 million people on live TV and another 1.2 million in the next few days via online or on demand. 4.3 million people tuned in for Part 2 and Part 3 raked in 3.7 million. The final part totaled 3.8 million. The numbers are expected to increase as viewing continues to grow.

We’re sure all of the online chatter has something to do with viewership still rising because it feels like everyone is talking about it on our timelines. Folks didn’t waste any time to DRAG award winning producer Jermaine Dupri after he admitted to CHEATING on THE Janet Jackson. They called it quits in 2009 after seven years together.

Black Twitter also had plenty to say about Janet forgiving Justin Timberlake following the Super Bowl nipplegate fiasco (they are still MADT).


Jermaine Dupri had Janet Jackson wanting to marry his lil Smurf self and was willing to give him multiple babies and he blew it by cheating on her?! #JanetJacksonDoc pic.twitter.com/wPuUQyC8Gd

— Ma$on (@FirstGentleman) January 30, 2022



Jermaine Dupri explaining to Janet Jackson that he cheated ‘cause it was her fault for being with him and making other women find him attractive pic.twitter.com/q62WLpslGb

— Boosie’s Homosexual Spirit (@BougieBarrister) February 2, 2022



Watching part 2 of #janetjacksondocumentary and THE AUDACITY of Jermaine Dupri. The whole bass in your chest audacity to snicker and brush off that you cheated on Janet Theeee Jackson. Whooo his ego and mirrors truly are lying.

— sailently judging you (@saibellanyc) February 2, 2022



After watching the Janet doc, I see the real villian in her life was Jermaine Dupri cause nigga how TF do you fumble Janet?? Janet MF Jackson!?? I just….smh pic.twitter.com/uLRNigRoPV

— Pussy Galore (@AndriaRenee_) February 2, 2022



Janet telling me to not hate Justin Timberlake no more. #JanetJacksonDoc pic.twitter.com/IhF2Rt2bso

— NerdyNupe (@NerdyNupeDC) January 30, 2022



Wait?!?! Janet told Justin not to make a statement? Janet took all of the heat. I can’t. #JanetJacksonDoc

— Peppa Pig (@BaconBitsPlease) January 30, 2022



Janet Jackson: I’ve forgiven Justin Timberlake! Please leave him alone!

Black Twitter: pic.twitter.com/BY7iWDPdXI

— Big Fupa, Lil’ Spoon (@ThoughtsByJae) January 30, 2022



I love how Janet told us she forgives Justin and we still like WE RIDE AT DAWN

— Soror Flygirl (@ElleWCarter) January 30, 2022



Janet Jackson: “I’ve forgiven Justin Timberlake, we’re good friends now”

Black Twitter: #JanetJacksonDoc pic.twitter.com/Ir5ylCEKz0

— SomeWes (@BackOnSomeBS) January 30, 2022



Fans also gave her the much deserved online flowers:


janet jackson literally created her own lane. she is the best show woman and dancer to ever grace the stage. she birthed alternative r&b and kicked off the new jack swing era. she is and will always be that girl. #JanetJacksonDoc pic.twitter.com/7kjOOmz3kk

— tess (@cntlethagetaway) January 30, 2022



The way Janet Jackson has #1 singles, #1 albums, a #1 debut tour #1 movies #1 videos #1 tour telecast, a best selling book & now a documentary that took the #1 slot for cable telecast upon its premiere

You can’t erase the blueprint! pic.twitter.com/cPlFIgOrPg

— Mita Michele (@strawbamitajoho) February 1, 2022


We enjoyed the doc. Did you watch? If so, what part stood out to you the most?

Photo: Jamie Lamor Thompson/Shutterstock

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