SHEESH! Bills Baller Stefon Diggs Tackles Chiefs Fan Who Ran Out Onto The Field, A Wild 2 Minutes Ensues

Buffalo Bills baller Stefon Diggs let it be known not to run up on him or the field when he’s on it unless you’re supposed to be there.  His wild take down of a rogue fan inside.

UPDATE: Jacob Bross was arrested and charged with Disturbing the Peace.




Run up on Stefon, he might murk ya.

As if a SUPER contentious playoff game wasn’t stressful enough for both sides of last night’s AFC playoff game, a Chiefs fan stormed the field during the wild 4th quarter.  And Stefon clearly took out some frustration on the dude.  Check it:

Arrowhead Stadium was already on 100 when the Bills & the Chiefs were lining up for the next play after the 2-minute warning, and suddenly, you see wide receiver Diggs tackle someone near the line of scrimmage.  The broadcast quickly cut away to commercial, but other video surfaced showing the wild ish that went down.

Right as Stefon tackled the dude – who was seemingly under the influence – the guy popped up and was taken down again by field security.  Then, you see another Bills player chuck his shoe in frustration.  And the Chiefs players looked on in disbelief as they prepped to line back up.

The fan was escorted off the field (and likely out the stadium or in custody somewhere in the stadium) while the game continued. 

After that, it was basically a touchdown shootout – both teams scoring back to back to back to back, and then a Chiefs field goal in the last seconds brought them to overtime.  The Chiefs ended up winning by scoring a TD in their first OT possession.  And we’re sure it was extra hard for the Bills to experience seeing that they lost to the Chiefs in the Conference championship last year.


Pat Mahomes and co. are headed to the AFC championship for the 4th year in a row, this time facing the Cincinnati Bengals.


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