LORDT! Video Surfaces Of Stevie J Confronting Faith Evans With Cheating Allegations – ‘You F’n N–s In My House!’ + Faith’s Response

There’s nothing like intense cheating allegations to kick off the day.  On the heels of Stevie J filing for divorce from Faith Evans, video has surfaced of Stevie and Faith fighting in a bedroom over cheating allegations.  Sheesh! Watch inside.


We told you last week singer/producer Stevie J. filed for divorce from Faith Evans seemingly out of the blue.  Oddly, a few days later, Faith posted up the below videos of the couple frolicking on the beach in Malibu together, seemingly telling folks they’re still together. 




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It was unclear if the videos were taken before or after the divorce filing, but the timing of the post was interesting nonetheless.


Fast forward to late last night when video surfaced of the couple having a major confrontation.  In the leaked video, Stevie J is in a bedroom with Faith, refusing to let her leave, while hurling accusations at her about smashing other men in "his" house.

Faith repeatedly told him to grow up and this is the bullsh*t she doesn’t want.  Things escalate when she gets in bed to get away from him, and it’s all just a mess.  Watch below, courtesy of Tasha K.




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It remains unclear when the video was recorded or how it was "leaked", though.  So while we don’t know for sure this happened before the divorce filing, we wouldn’t be surprised if this altercation is what triggered it.

Right after the video surfaced online, Faith posted this video, seemingly letting folks know she’s unbothered:




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While Lil Duval (of course) feels bad for Stevie, who has a CVS receipt of past foolishness he’s done to women, tons of others don’t feel bad for him at all.



Prayers up for one of our OG city boyz Stevie J. We all need to be there for him in these rough times. No man should have find out another man was sleeping his bed, if u need some hoes are a shoulder to cry on don’t hesitate to call me

— lil duval (@lilduval) November 17, 2021

Stevie J was on live whining and carrying on cus Faith Evans fucked a nigga in their bed, after the way he treated MiMi & Joseline publicly.. pic.twitter.com/2cD8R8yXk3

— Psalm 46:5 (@nicolebichiee) November 17, 2021

Stevie J got cheated on?? Oh well should have never fucked Biggie bitch

— Zeeti (@DJZeeti) November 17, 2021

Faith Evans is gangsta. She was confronted about cheating, pulled the covers over her and told Stevie J to grow up. That even shocked him lol

— JaVonni Brustow (Backup Page) (@MrBrustow) November 17, 2021

We watched how Stevie J did MiMi & Joseline – this is what you call poetic justice pic.twitter.com/qKmgusszHJ

— NeeNee (@neemz624) November 17, 2021

We seen for years how Stevie J treats women, if she did cheat on him GOOD !! No fun when the rabbits got the gun !! https://t.co/ipYAIQTmOT

— I BLAME TEETEE (@exposinghaters8) November 17, 2021

Not faith evans telling Stevie j to grow up when he asked her why she fucked somebody else lmaoooo

— We Ascending (@KW33NSOHI9H) November 17, 2021


Stevie and Faith have had their fair share of mess-to-makeups in their short 3-year marriage.  Do you think this divorce filing will stick?


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