Rapper Chika Takes Social Media Break After Roasting Kids During Feud With Barbz

When feuding with someone, is bringing their children into it a low blow when they threw shots about infertility? Rapper Chika doesn’t seem to think so. Some Nicki Minaj stans/Barbz hopped on social media to attack her and she responded by roasting pictures of their children. Did she take it too far?


Decide inside…

If you come for rapper Chika, sis wants all the smoke and isn’t concerned with the repercussions. And for her latest online feud, because there have been many, the 24-year-old raptress started roasting people’s children that has some folks up in arms while others feel that’s what they deserved.

So here’s what happened….


When other women refer to women as “females” pic.twitter.com/2Kof1CcOnX

— CHIKA (@oranicuhh) October 3, 2021


It all started when Chika shared a tweet about women referring to other women as "females."


It is astonishing how many women are saying they’d rather refer to women as “bitch” if they can’t say female.


— CHIKA (@oranicuhh) October 3, 2021


Apparently, Chika finds the word "female" dehumanizing and explains why in a few tweets.

since y’all stubborn and stupid https://t.co/uI9mnypwDU

— CHIKA (@oranicuhh) October 3, 2021

"it’s dehumanizing because “female” does not denote a human woman. it can be applied to any species," she tweeted. "it feels patronizing as well because men do not refer to each other as ‘males.’ it’s almost as if the disassociation from the word woman is meant to lack respect."

A male Twitter user jumped in her discussion, tweeting:


To be fair, I’d call you a bitch, too. https://t.co/r646bjvimj

— CHIKA (@oranicuhh) October 3, 2021


"Y’all call each other b*tches but draw the line at female," he tweeted with laughing emojis.

Then, he proceeded to call her all types of "fat, funky b*tches," being very disrespectful. In response, she grabbed one of his pictures and started to drag him after asking him why he, a man, was in women’s business:


And you look like an albino Zoboomafoo, lil boy. https://t.co/JM9BL3I6Vt pic.twitter.com/KOxPLsO0Ja

— CHIKA (@oranicuhh) October 3, 2021


So, the Twitter user then grabbed a picture of her and proceeded to disrespect Chika even more:


Oh dope, we have something in common. I tweeted a photo of me and my dog & you and your dog are in your avi. https://t.co/nVgxCJIJGw

— CHIKA (@oranicuhh) October 3, 2021


After that, all bets were OFF! Chika grabbed a photo of what’s believed to be the Twitter user’s daughter and compared the child to a dog with the caption, "they kinda look alike, no":

Following their exhange, she changed her profile pic to a "f*ck them kids" meme of NBA legend Michael Jordan:



Another Twitter user wrote, "Sweetie go ahead, you must not be able to have kids, bum a** ovaries."

Chika clapped back using a picture of what’s believed to be the woman’s daughter alongside a skull head with the caption, "Happy Halloween."


Chika followed up with:


i don’t give a frosted mini fuck about nobody’s feelings and i don’t feel bad.

them ugly ass kids ain’t on twitter. i’m talking to their ugly ass parents.

— CHIKA (@oranicuhh) October 3, 2021

"i don’t give a frosted mini f*ck about nobody’s feelings and i don’t feel bad. Face with tears of joy. them ugly a** kids ain’t on twitter. i’m talking to their ugly a** parents."


After feauding with the male Twitter user, she shifted her energy to the Barbz (Nicki Minaj‘s fan base) in a tweet, which is likely a response to folks reacting to her roasting people’s children. By the way, she argues with the Barbz online quite a bit.

leave it to the barbs to hop on any hate train. bored ass bitches.

— CHIKA (@oranicuhh) October 3, 2021

"leave it to the barbs to hop on any hate train. bored a** b*tches," she tweeted before going on a rant about the Barbz always coming for her:



Now, Chika says she’s taking another social media break because the "Internet is f*cking stupid." She teased that she may return by Halloween.

In an Instagram post, Chika shared some of tweets she received that caused her to pop off on Twitter, pointing out how hypocritical people can be. She also doubled down on her "f*ck them kids" statement.


"finna go on a social media break. not cuz i’m going through it (this time lol) but because the internet is f*cking stupid," she wrote. "i’ll still be on my stories, ain’t sh*t changing there. just no twitter & feed posts til maybe halloween. in the meantime, keep writing about how me roasting children in response to fatphobia, wishing death, and being called out of my name is somehow worse or equivalent. the fake virtue on the internet is EXHAUSTING. but imma assume retrograde got y’all f*cked up. anyways. f*ck them kids."

On one of the IG slides, she wrote, "I said it on live earlier, but in case you missed it, I’m not sorry. If you are comfortable getting on the Internet and calling people out of their names, telling them to put a bullet through their head, and trying to make fun of infertility, I will absolutely roast you and your bum a** kids. They’re not on social media, their parents are."

"I haven’t (and wouldn’t) harm a child, however, I will 100% go blow for blow with their disrespectful parents. gloves off. q (typo). Get the f*ck off your high horse. Over HERE, we don’t ‘leave kids out of it.’ So watch your mouth. 🙂 – Chika."

Welp. If someone is attacking you, are their kids off-limits or nah? Sound off in the comments!

Photo: Twitter

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