Diddy Reconnects With Shyne Over Dinner, Tells Black Folks To Stop Buying ‘Ugly’ Richard Mille Watches & Buy Property Instead

Diddy reunited with former Bad Boy rapper-turned-diplomat Shyne last night for dinner. While toasting it up, the Hip Hop mogul shared his thoughts about the super expensive Richard Mille watches. He called them "ugly" and told Black folks to buy property instead. More inside…

Last week, former Bad Boy rapper Shyne touched down in the U.S. for the first time since he was deported in 2009. In 2001, Shyne – a former Bad Boy artist – was convicted and sentenced to 10 years in prison. The "That’s Gangsta" rapper was released from prison in 2009 and was deported to Belize for being a non-citizen felon. The conviction stemmed from a shooting at a nightclub that Shyne was at that night with Diddy and JLo. He recently described what went down while on The Fat Joe Show:

“I seen somebody reach for a gun and I reached for my weapon and I defended my friends and myself. Cause once he starts firing, once whoever else pulls out a gun and starts firing, it doesn’t stop there.”

Joe then asked Shyne about his decision to draw his gun. “I’m thinking about saving my life,” Shyne told Joe. “I’d rather be judged by twelve than carried by six. I think for [Puff], he’s a corporation. And he’s thinking about the corporation. So obviously, something like that affects the corporation terribly. At the time, I was thinking life or death. We didn’t have an opportunity for him to say, ‘Thank you for saving my life, saving Jennifer’s life … for saving all our lives.’ Cause he was thinking about the corporation. Did I jump the gun? Absolutely not.”

Folks wondered if Shyne and Diddy’s relationship would be over from then on out. As VIBE puts it:

Shyne fled the scene with Diddy, his then girlfriend Jennifer Lopez and a body guard.

Diddy and Shyne were tried in separate trials. Needless to say, Diddy had top of the line lawyers and was acquitted of all charges. As far as Shyne, as he was found guilty on two counts of assault, reckless endangerment and gun possession.

Since then, the 42-year-old (real name Jamal Michael Barrow and now goes by Moses Barrow) was voted in as a member of the Belizean House of Representatives and he’s also the leader of the Opposition Party. He was recently granted a Visa, which allowed him to meet with U.S. senators and congressmen across the country to help establish new relationships between Belize and the U.S..

After making his diplomatic runs, he linked up with the Hip Hop mogul for dinner last night:




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After sharing a few clips of himself and Shyne toasting to the good life, the Hip Hop mogul went on a rant about those "ugly and not hot" Richard Mille watches. Celebs love dropping bags on expensive jewelry and Richard Mille watches (that equal the amount of house down payments) have become a popular item amongst the rich & famous.

While a lot of celebs love the timepiece, Diddy is NOT a fan of the watches, despite owning a few himself.

A Richard Mille watch can run anywhere from $80,000 up to in the millions. Well, Diddy feels Black people should invest their money into property – NOT a Richard Mille watch.

"I’m not a hater," Diddy kicked off his rant on his IG Stories. "I’m not a hater, though. I’m a connoisseur of fly sh*t. And I’m just telling y’all, y’all are getting tricked by the Richard Mille," he continued.

"The Richard Mille is a Timex or some sh*t like that. You understand what I’m saying? Y’all, it’s not hot. I have like two or three. I never pull them out. They’re ugly. I don’t even wanna hate. I don’t even know Richard Mille, but f*ck it. I’m on some Black shit. Black men, save your money and go buy a house."

Peep the clip above. He said what he said.

Remember when NFL star Odell Beckham Jr. sparked controversy when he rocked the luxury watch during season games?




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Also, Saweetie gifted her now ex-boyfriend Quavo with a Richard Mille watch last Christmas that’s reportedly worth $300,000.

Will Diddy’s rant move the Richard Mille needle backward? We shall see.


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