Nivea Opens Up About ‘Pedophile Manager’ Who ‘Groomed’ Her, Lil Wayne/Toya Drama, Divorce From The Dream & Bonding With Lauren London

Singer Nivea opened up like never before in an interview with fellow singer Kandi Burruss. She talked about how a manager preyed on her as a child, how her ex-Lil Wayne persuaded her to quit music and then dumped her for his daughter’s mom Toya Johnson, how she bonded with Lauren London while they both were pregnant with Wayne’s babies, her tough divorce from The Dream, drug addiction, being broke, homeless and much more!

Grab your tissues…

Music fans first met Nivea in 2000 when she appeared on Mystikal‘s hit single "Danger (Been So Long)," which garnered some buzz for the young singer. In 2001, she released "Don’t Mess With My Man," (which was nominated for a Grammy) followed by "Laundromat" and "Okay" featuring YoungbloodZ & Lil’ Jon.

Behind-the-scenes Nivea was going THROUGH it.

At the tender age of 14, she met her "manager," who helped her get her name out there and eventually helped her land a good record deal with Jive Records. While he did great things for her music career, he preyed on her innocence as a child. She was a teenager and her manager was well into his 40s. The manager was able to manipulate her young mind which caused her to do whatever he wanted her to do.

At one point their relationship turned sexual and they were in a relationship.

"He unfortunately did a lot of things to me. He was basically a pedophile. He did a lot to change my life – in great and bad ways," she shared. "He was the first person to make me feel like a star and was teaching my negative things. And as a child, I was praising it," she said.

Back then, the "Laundromat" singer said it didn’t feel weird she was in a relationship with an older man because it was more accepted. At one point, he physically assaulted her and when she told people about it, she said nobody believed her and felt she was just being a "bratty artist."

Nivea tried to break away from the relationship, but he was still her manager, so she still had to work with him.


Nivea shared how she was raped at the age of 16 by one of her manager’s friends. Now looking back, she feels the manager may have had something to do with it.

After the "Don’t Mess With My Man" video was released, rapper Lil Wayne called her label to work with her on a track. They got in the booth and instead of making a track, he asked for her number.

"It was somebody to relate to," she said. "We just clicked."

Before she got with Wayne, she cut off her sexual relationship with the manager (that she didn’t name). After she met Wayne and they started to get close, the manager would try to break up their relationship. However, it didn’t work.

Wayne helped her leave the manager…and the music industry. She said he told her he would take care of her and she didn’t need to do her own music anymore. She said she will drown in relationships because she will put her life on pause for a relationship.

Wayne & Nivea moved into a home in New Orleans together and then one day Wayne suggested they move into an apartment because he had never lived in an apartment before. Apparently, he was moving her out of his home to move his daughter’s mother, Toya Johnson, IN.

"I didn’t realize he did that to move Toya [Johnson] into the house," she said.

Damn. Wayne ended up proposing to Toya and they got married.

After the break up, Nivea was broke and homeless. It got so bad, she considered working at a strip club called Babe’s.

"This was 2003. I was like ‘I got to do something,’" she said about working at the strip club.

She even had a stripper named picked out: Strawberry Surprise. Lordt.





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Nivea reached out to Jive Records, got a new manager and she was set to make another splash on the music scene. However, Nivea and the new manager couldn’t see eye-to-eye, so she got rid of her.

Later, a guy introduced her to music producer, The Dream. They were friends first. During that time, her ex-Wayne would hit her up to try and get her back, but Dream would tell her not to do it. She and Dream were just friends at the time. Then, they went on their first date. After their first date, she went back to his house and she said she never left. A month later, they were engaged.

They got married in 2004 and had three kids.

While she was having babies and being a wife, Ciara hit the scene and became "the new IT girl." Since the label wasn’t doing what she felt they should have been doing, Nivea got out of her deal.

"I asked to be released because they weren’t doing nothing no way," she said. "It was almost like I was shelved."

After getting out of her deal, she stayed home to raise her kids and be a good wife.

As for why she and The Dream broke up, she said she got to a point where she "changed" and he didn’t have the tolerance to let her "get back" to herself.

During her divorce from The Dream, she reconnected with Lil Wayne. He apologized to her over how he treated her in the past, so they got back together in 2008. Not long after, she got pregnant with Wayne’s baby, but she had a miscarriage.

It didn’t take long before she got pregnant again. While Nivea thought she and Wayne were in a full blown relationship, he was sleeping around. One day, he sat her down to tell her ATL star Lauren London was ALSO pregnant.

Nivea said she got everybody on the phone because she was confused how she "had a ring," but Lauren was pregnant while SHE was pregnant.

Ironically, Nivea and Lauren London became close friends, so close she considered her a "sister."

"Lauren and I became sisters. She really helped me through my pregnancy. We really leaned on each other because we felt like who else can we talk to? Everybody laughing at us," she said.

Nivea said it was a surreal experience. While she was pregnant with Wayne’s son, her mother died, so she leaned on Lauren during that time.

In her early 30s, Nivea started dabbling in drugs after she became depressed and that’s when her world flipped upside down. There was a lot going on and she felt she was of no value, so she turned to her "dream drug," cocaine.

"I was just depleted. I felt like I was of no value," she shared.

Nivea shared she was tired of being a "mom only" and she was tired of doing everything for everyone else, so she took to drugs.

Being on drugs almost caused her to lose her kids, but by the grace of God, she made it through. She broke down while talking about the experience, causing Kandi to lean in and hug her.

"I did not think I was going to overcome it," she said while crying.

“I feel like your testimony or your story—I know it’s cliché, but it really does help somebody else. And I’m a motherf*cking survivor. Some people would have never survived some of the shit I did. I’m so proud of myself,” she shared.

Whew! It’s an emotional interview that you check out below:

We want Nivea to win!

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