Paris Police STOP Lil Baby & James Harden, Rapper Reportedly Arrested For Weed After Attending Haute Couture Show

Trouble in Paris! Rapper Lil Baby and NBA star James Harden just had a run-in with police in Paris as they were making their rounds during Paris Haute Couture Week. It’s reported Lil Baby was also arrested after marijuana was allegedly found in the vehicle he was riding in. More details and video inside…





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Rapper Lil Baby and NBA star James Harden were having some fun as they made their rounds during Paris Haute Couture Week. The duo shared several photos of themseles posted up in the streets and there are even pics of them sitting front row alongside Kanye West (in a mask) at the Balenciaga show.

Kanye, James Harden, Lil Baby in the front row @BALENCIAGA

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Three GOAT’s in one photo

Lil Baby, James Harden, and Kanye West at a Paris Fashion Show

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They caught Lil Baby & James Harden off guard leaving fashion week in Paris

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Everything was all good yesterday. Today – DRAMA!

Paris police officers ran up on Lil Baby, James Harden and another man after smelling marijuana in their vehicle. Apparently, James Harden was let go while Baby and the other man was taken into custody by the Narcotist Tansport Chief.

Peep clips of their interaction with Paris police below:

Bravo à la police française des incompétents… même pas capable de reconnaître James HARDEN

— cateregardeap (@TiSoldier971) July 8, 2021

JUST IN: Lil Baby has reportedly been arrested for transporting narcotics in Paris

Story is still developing…

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In the video that are circulating on social media, you can see Lil Baby in the back of a police van and it appears he’s handcuffed. The "We Paid" rapper reportedly was arrested on a marijuana-related charge. The vehicle Baby was riding in was reportedly pulled over after cops claimed they could smell marijuana. It’s alleged 20 grams of marijuana was found.

In one of the photos captured by photogs, a police officer is seen inspecting what looks like a vape pen, although it’s unclear who it belongs to.

Lordt! Lil Baby better hope this doesn’t turn out to be a A$AP Rocky situation.

James Harden gifted Lil Baby a $100K Richard Millie watch last December for his birthday. Hopefully, he can help his homie out in this crazy situation.

Photos: Jamie Lamor Thompson/ Marcos Mesa Sam Wordley/

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