Black TikTok Creatives Refuse To Make ‘Thot Sh*t’ Choreography, White TikTokers Either Steal The ‘Anti-Dance’ Or Horribly Colonize The One Dance Created

What in the expired mayonnaise is going on?! We’ll tell you. Black TikTok creatives decided to NOT make choreography for Megan Thee Stallion‘s "Thot Sh*t" and the white TikTokers are lost. Like, seriously LOST and failing horribly. See what we mean inside….

Black TikTok creatives have made it CLEAR the app wouldn’t stand a chance without them.

Usually when a rapper drops a new track with a catchy beat, the TikTok dances are instantly created and uploaded online. However, black creatives came together and decided NOT to create choreography to Megan Thee Stallion‘s newly released track, "Thot Sh*t." And it’s clear they are the reason the app is even popular.

No, seriously. Watch this:

Omg. Black TikTok creators are refusing to make a dance to Thot S*it (meg’s new jawn) & the way these white creators are FLAILING. I live.

— #BakeOnceAWeek The Box – Drops 6/30 (@LeslieMac) June 20, 2021

So, one user uploaded a "anti-dance" of sorts (seen above). And guess what? The wypipo even colonized THAT. Don’t believe us? Watch the clips below:

— #BakeOnceAWeek The Box – Drops 6/30 (@LeslieMac) June 20, 2021

No comment

— #BakeOnceAWeek The Box – Drops 6/30 (@LeslieMac) June 20, 2021

With no one to STEAL from, some users came up with their own versions for the "Thot Sh*t" challenge and it’s not giving what it’s supposed to gave:

Y’all. Plssssss

— KayBe (@KayyBePlaying) June 21, 2021

Nah this got me it’s the recycling of moves for me.

— Auntie B (@_blaireee) June 20, 2021

This the one! Crazy how this randomly came down my FYP

— THOTimus Prime (@TheRealJayCee__) June 21, 2021

I had to go see for myself

— AQUAFEIN (@AdwCreamSodah) June 20, 2021

I’m bugginnnnn.

— . (@egyptsmindgame) June 20, 2021



— shiny (@frozenpoopie) June 21, 2021




And there’s MORE (if you can stand it):

Tragic. No hands on their knees or anything.

Two black creatives DID create choreography for the track and look how "they" messed it ALL THE WAY UP:

And it was immediately colonized. They turned off comments and didn’t credit the original dance creator

— BLM| FuzzyBeta (@TrilogyBeta) June 21, 2021


This is nothing new. Last summer, Black creatives launched protests in an effort to raise awareness how they have been treated unfairly. White TikTokers STEAL their dance moves and challenges, usually duplicating them badly, and are given major money endorsement deals and more, which catapults them to Internet stardom. Meanwhile, the Black creatives that they STEAL from are paid peanuts. They can’t even get a credit in the captions on the platform. TikTok "apologized" to the Black community, vowing to do better (read their apology here), but little has changed.

It’s messed up and they aren’t letting the non-talented TikTokers eat off their name any longer….and WE STAN!

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