The Internet Believes THIS Woman Is Eagles QB Jalen Hurts’ Girlfriend!

Eagles (hottie) quarterback Jalen Hurts is starting to ring bells in the NFL and now folks are interested in learning WHO he’s boo’d up with. Fans have found a woman they believe is his girlfriend. Find out who the possible GF could be inside…





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The NFL season just kicked off in the last few weeks with the Philadelphia Eagles winning one game and losing another. Not only is Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts‘ name ringing bells in football. Folks are also speculating on his love life and who he’s cuddling up with after games.

The second round draft pick (who was drafted by the Eagles in 2020) keeps his private life on the low, so all the relationship talk is rumors, but we all know how when there’s smoke there’s usually fire.

It is speculated that the former University of Alabama quarterback is currently dating a woman that also went to Alabama named Bryonna "Bry" Burrows.

"No words to describe the humble reminder of Honors Day at #UA. Knowing I have been recognized is priceless." -Bry Rivera Burrows #TodayAtUA

— The Univ. of Alabama (@UofAlabama) April 7, 2017

.@MandersonUA MBA student Bryonna Burrows, our next #WomenofCulverhouse feature, is a passionate advocate for advancing student life on campus and continues to lead by serving as vice president of the MBA Association and captain of the national award-winning MBA Case Team.

— Culverhouse College of Business (@culverhouseua) September 19, 2018

Bryonna earned two bachelor’s degrees in spanish and political science and took part in several student organizations, according to FanBuzz. In 2016, she ran for Homecoming Queen:

Today is the day!! Vote NOW on MyBama until 7PM for Bryonna Rivera Burrows, Homecoming Queen!!

— K (@KWells_13) September 27, 2016

After undergrad, she went on to earn her master’s degree in business administration.

She’s also a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc:




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According to her LinkedIn page, she’s a Software Financing Leader at IBM and works in the Dallas area.

Its believed Jalen and Bryonna broke up when he transferred to Oklahoma to finish his last year of college. However, they may have gotten back together, or at least friends, according to sources. WAGS Unfiltered shared screenshots of her in Atlanta attending the Eagles vs. Atlanta Falcons game on September 12th. They also shared a screenshot of Jalen post comments under pictures on her IG account (that is set to private):


"This is Jalen Hurts GF," the source wrote. "They’ve been on and off since he was at Alabama(went there). I peeped his comment in that picture like 2 months ago (before he deleted it) and figured they were back together. That picture at Mercedes Benz stadium was just posted. He’s in Atlanta playing the falcons so she at the game.”

Again, this is all speculation. Neither of them have confirmed their alleged coupledom. If she is his girlfriend, they look GOODT together. #BlackLove

The Eagles play the Dallas Cowboys in Dallas (the same city she works) Monday night, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if she pops up at another one of his games.

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REPORT: COVID Has Now Killed As Many Americans As 1918 Flu Pandemic + Nas & Chris Rock Share Their COVID Experiences

As COVID numbers continue to rise, the number of American deaths are as many as the 1918-19 influenza pandemic. More about the rising numbers and how it compares to a previous pandemic inside…

COVID-19 numbers are continuing to rise. And even with vaccines available, the numbers are continuing to creep up.

According to new reports, COVID-19 has now killed as many Americans as the 1918 influenza pandemic. The influenza pandemic killed at least 50 million people worldwide, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which is equivalent in proportion to 200 million in today’s global population. An estimated 675,000 of those deaths are Americans, and the number continues to rise.




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We’re now 18 months into the COVID-19 pandemic and at least 675,446 Americans have been confirmed to have died from the virus since the onset, according to data collected by Johns Hopkins University, although the real number is believed to be higher.

The virus has claimed more American lives than its counterpart a hundred years ago when the US population was just one-third of what it is today.

ABC News reports:

The influenza outbreak of 1918 began in the spring, with the novel H1N1 virus passing from birds to humans, and lasted for approximately two years. Approximately one-third of the world’s population at that time, or 500 million people, was ultimately estimated to have been infected, according to the CDC.

Like the 1918 flu, doctors and scientists hope Covid will become a mild seasonal bug as human immunity strengthens through vaccination and repeated infection. However, that will take time if it happens at all.

“We hope it will be like getting a cold, but there’s no guarantee,” said Emory University biologist Rustom Antia, who suggests an optimistic scenario in which this could happen over a few years.

With colder months ahead, there could be another COVID surge with the University of Washington’s influential model projecting an additional 100,000 or so Americans will die of COVID-19 by Jan. 1, which would bring the overall US toll to 776,000.

Right now, the US currently has a coronavirus case fatality rate of 1.6%, compared to the 2.5% fatality rate for influenza in 1918. Compared on a per-capita basis, the influenza pandemic of 1918 was far deadlier than the COVID pandemic, according to Christopher McKnight Nichols, associate professor of history at Oregon State University.

"The difference is that 1 in 500 Americans have died now, and about 1 in 152 died in 1918, although our number keeps going up," Nichols told ABC News.

Experts – practicing, board certified physicians and licensed scientist – all over the world said it will take everyone getting on board to get vaccinated in order to make an impact on the COVID-19 death toll. The more people that have the vaccine, the lesser of an impact the virus will have and will also lessen it’s mutations due to there being less viral load going around. 

Until then, the vaccine is extremely beneficial in preventing individuals from having such horrific symptoms that they require hospitalization.  Many hospitals all over the country are at peak capacity with no available beds and could eventually choose which patients can be admitted.  This includes ALL patients (heart attacks, car accidents, cancer, etc.), not just Covid.  So the importance of preventing hospitalizations as much as possible is clear.

Recently, Nicki Minaj made headlines after she was accused of sharing misinformation about the COVID-19 vaccine. She got into a social media feud with MSNBC’s Joy-Ann Reid about why she hasn’t received the vaccine yet.




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Rapper Nas recently opened up about his battle with COVID-19 in a cover story for EBONY magazine’s upcoming October issue.

“I caught COVID in late October,” Nas shared. “This is the first time [I’m] mentioning it. It was a tough time. It was mentally and physically hard,” the 48-year-old added. “It’s just today’s world, with chemical warfare, crazy politics, racism, food shortages, police malpractice, Black-on-Black murder. The human spirit is being tested. I think that God has a plan for all of this. But right now, we’re in a serious time.”

Comedian Chris Rock recently revealed he has COVID and encouraged his fans to get vaccinated:

"Hey guys I just found out I have COVID, trust me you don’t want this. Get vaccinated," he tweeted.

Have you been vaccinated? Share your stories in the comments!

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PLOT TWIST! Surveillance Footage Sheds New Light On Brawl Involving 3 Texas Women & NYC Hostess Over Vax Cert, Guests Say They Were Called Racial Slurs

There’s surveillance footage leading up to that viral brawl involving three black Texas women and an NY hostess over vaccination proof. And it debunks some of the previous reports that accused the women of using fake vax cards, but there’s more involving alleged racism.  Details inside.


There are updates on that brawl involving three Black Texas women and an NYC hostess that paints a clearer picture of what really went down before the viral moment outside of popular Italian restaurant Carmine’s on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.

Previously, headlines were published that made it seem like three Black Texas women just decided to "beat down" an NYC restuarant hostess because she asked them to show proof that they were vaccinated. Peep some of the headlines below:

Well, now there’s surveillance footage of what led up to the viral moment and the three Texas women are telling their side of what really went down.

The lawyer of one of the women says the ladies were victims of racism after the hostess started "spouting out derogatory comments," and that "the N-word" was being used towards them.

Initially, police said they responded "to an assault in front of Carmine’s on the Upper West Side of Manhattan involving a 24-year-old hostess, who told them that she got into a dispute with three women after she requested to see their Covid-19 vaccination cards.

The three women – Kaeita Rankin (a businesswoman with a Ph.D. in pharmaceutical science), 44, her niece Tyonnie Rankin, 21, and her assistant, Sally Lewis, 49 – were charged with assault and criminal mischief.

The new video footage paints a different picture of what led up to the drama.

According to The New York Times, both lawyers for Carmine’s and the women said that the three women had, in fact, provided documentation of Covid vaccinations. However, a few men came to to join the party minutes later, and they were unable to provide vaccination proof, the lawyers on both sides said. A few of the women also could not provide identification to match their vaccination certs.

The Times reports:

Security camera footage reviewed by The New York Times shows three women, who were with several other people, being ushered into the restaurant after showing documentation near the entrance. Several minutes later, three men arrive to join the group, but only one of the three shows a vaccination card, lawyers for both sides said. A short time later, after the three women, who are Black, have joined the men outside, the fight breaks out.

Justin Moore – a lawyer representing Dr. Kaeita Nkeenge Rankin – said the hostess used a racial slur and spoke condescendingly to the women. She even suggested that their vaccination cards were fake. He also said the Texas women claim that the hostess assaulted them.

“The hostess begins spouting out derogatory comments, and speaking with two of the women; they claim that the N-word is being spewed out” Mr. Moore said in an interview. “They also heard the hostess say, ‘Yeah, you guys can leave my restaurant,’ or something very aggressive like that. When Dr. Rankin hears that, she turns around and addresses the hostess. She tells her: ‘This isn’t your restaurant. You’re just a staff member here. Please address us with respect.’”

He called the altercation “mutual combat.”

On Instagram, Attorney Moore has been calling out Carmine’s and the hostess for allegedly lying:




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A post shared by Justin A. Moore, Esq (@justin.a.moore)




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He also shared a tweet about why Carmine’s isn’t releasing the video publicly:


On the flip side, the restaurant claims racism did not play a part in the altercation and no racist slurs were uttered.

“Nothing about this incident suggests race was an issue,” Carolyn Richmond, a lawyer who represents the restaurant, wrote in an email. “The pandemic has added a key responsibility to the host position — insuring the safety and health of all employees and guests by checking for proof of vaccination in compliance with New York City law.”

“The idea that anyone would become violent as an employee performs this necessary function is anathema to New York, the hospitality industry and New Yorkers in general,” she added. “As all of the women showed proof of vaccination they were all permitted to enter and were in fact seated inside.”

All three women were reportedly given desk appearance tickets alleging third-degree misdemeanor assault and must face a judge in New York City next month. Their defense attorney is hopeful the case will be dismissed before then:

"I don’t expect anything to come of it, " defense lawyer Javier Solano, who represents all three women, said. "I really do hope that cooler heads prevail, that the district attorney’s office has an opportunity to investigate this case before [the next court date] and that they dismiss the case."

Hawk Newsome, co-founder and chairman of BLM Greater New York, told The New York Times that BLM plans to protest against the treatment of Black patrons.

"Restaurants are using vaccine mandates to enforce their racist beliefs and excluding Black patrons," Newsome said.

Now that more information has come out, do you feel differently about the situation?

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Ashanti’s Next Project Is A Rom-Com, And She’s Executive Producing & Starring In It

Singer-Songwriter Ashanti continues to flex her acting skills.  She’s about to give us a Rom-Com, and this time, she’s executive producing and starring in the project.  Deets below!

We love a rom-com, especially with a YBF chick leading the way.

Ashanti is no stranger to the big and small screens – starring in movies like Coach Carter & John Tucker Must Die and plenty of popular Lifetime Holiday movies. Now, she’s executive producing her own project she’s starring in – The Plus One.

According to Deadline, the plot involves Ashanti playing a bride who is beefing with the plus-one of her Male of Honor. That plus-one, of course, tries to ruin her wedding day:

Ashanti will play Lizzie, whose only request of her “Male of Honor” Marshall is that he doesn’t bring his hated ex Marie to her destination wedding. But lovesick Marshall brings her as his plus one, and Marie does everything in her power to wreck Lizzie’s big day.

By the way, Ashanti recently revealed she’s not single in real life, either.  




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Filming for The Plus One starts this December in Florida. The director and additional cast have yet to be revealed, but Ashanti’s mom, Tina Douglas, is also one of four Executive Producers.





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Ashanti is also getting her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2022. Nice!


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A Baby Bump? A Morning Sickness Band? City Girls Fans Believe JT Is Pregnant With Boyfriend Lil Uzi Vert’s Baby!

Is JT pregnant by her boyfriend Lil Uzi Vert?

Fans of the City Girls rapper believe she is after she hit the stage in Maryland with what they believe is a growing baby bump. There’s also an IG post she shared of herself where she could possibly be wearing a morning sickness band. See what they saw and decide for yourself inside…

Is JT carrying a mini Uzi Vert? City Girl fans believe so!

Apparently, JT’s fans have been fixated on her midsection and have been dissecting her pictures and zooming in on her during performances. Now, they’re speculating if there’s a bun in the oven.

#JT and her rapper boyfriend #LilUziVert are still flirting hard on social media. The #CityGirls rapper has been all over his social media after she revealed he dropped $30,000 on their first date.

More when you swipe in Stories or click the link…

— YBF CHIC (@TheYBF) May 6, 2021

Over the weekend, JT hit the stage with Yung Miami at the Merriweather Post Pavilion in Columbia, Maryland, for 92Q’s End of Summer Jam. The blue bodysuit JT was wearing was extra tight and fans believe she was showing off what appears to be a baby bump.

okay JT pregnant

— NOTSHADDIDIT (@utbshad) September 20, 2021




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On IG Stories, JT shared a mirror selfie that only fueled the pregnancy rumors even more.

Screenshots of her wrist started going viral after fans speculated she was wearing what appears to be a morning sickness bracelet:


Fans are speculating JT may be pregnant after noticing the morning sickness band she was wearing.

— No Jumper (@nojumper) September 20, 2021

It’s hard to tell if she’s actually wearing a morning sickness band, but it def looks like it could possibly be one.

IF she’s pregnant, it’ll be the 28-year-old rapper’s first baby. As far as the Internet knows, Uzi isn’t a father, so if she’s expecting it’ll be his first as well.

Meanwhile, Uzi Vert has been putting in work at the gym, possibly working on his dad bod:

Lil Uzi looking SHREDDED

— Overtime (@overtime) September 18, 2021

City Girls are set to hit the stage to perform at The Aretha Franklin Amphitheatre in Detroit on September 25th. We already know the fans will be tracking her every move to see if she drops any pregnancy hints. Do you think the Hip Hop couple is expecting?

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Newlyweds Jeezy & Jeannie Mai are PREGNANT! Here’s Everything She Shared About Expecting After Previously Saying She Never Wanted Kids

Baby on board! Rapper Jeezy and his wife Jeannie Mai are PREGNANT! She revealed her growing baby bump on the season premiere of "The Real" fresh off her honeymoon with her man. See the maternity shots, her pregnancy announcement, and get the deets on her changing her mind about motherhood inside…


Well, here’s a surprise!





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Grammy winning artist Jeezy and EMMY award winning TV host Jeannie Mai are EXPECTING! Yep, they’re pregnant five months after tying the knot. It’s Jeannie’s first baby and Jeezy’s third.

Despite previously saying she didn’t want children, the 42-year-old "The Real" co-host had a change of heart after falling madly in love with Jeezy.

"Jeezy and I have been kind of saving this and hiding this for five months," she told Women’s Health. "So, we’re relieved to finally share the news."

In the past, Jeannie was adamant that she never wanted to have children. After 10 years of marriage, Jeannie and Freddy Harteis called it quits and got a divorce. She revealed the fact she didn’t want kids was a major factor in their divorce. Freddy then went on to start a relationship and get pregnant with someone else months later.

Jeannie and Jeezy confirmed the dating rumors in August 2019 and he popped the question in April 2020. About a year ago, Jeannie and Jeezy decided they wanted to start a family together, but they struggled to conceive. So, they decided to try in-vitro fertilization (IVF). Just a month before they tied the knot in March 2021, she suffered a miscarriage.

"It was not easy," the former Dancing with the Stars contestant shared. "We both needed a bit of assistance, especially with me being 41 at the time."

After the miscarriage, she started having thoughts that she was being punished for previously saying she never wanted to be a mother.

"I wondered if I was being punished. I wondered if I’d jinxed myself or cursed myself," she shared. "My entire life, I never wanted children. When I say never, I’m talking a hard-stop never. Falling in love with Jeezy made me see life differently for myself. Our love is honest, pure, and safe…something I hadn’t felt as a child," she said.

A week after their wedding ceremony, Jeannie was pregnant again.

"It was the most beautiful sign that anything’s possible, that you’re not in control, and God has a plan," she said.

Being in this safe space with Jeezy allowed her to feel like she could be a good mother to a child and raise their child in a happy environment. She reflected on how her parents raised her and how they had difficulty handling her trauma as a sexual assault survivor:

"It still affects me to this day as an adult. So now, when I think about my child, the one thing I can tell you is how much I plan to protect this child," said Jeannie. "I’ve got that down on lock. Being a mom is hands down the hardest role in the entire world. Now that we’re bringing another Jenkins into the picture. I have no idea what to expect."

A new season of "The Real" premieres today and Jeannie kicked things off by telling her co-hosts she’s with child. Watch it below:





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Former "The Real" co-host Tamar Braxton almost ruined the pregnancy surprise by posting a comment on Jeannie’s IG about her possibly being pregnant during New York Fashion Week last week:





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Oh Tay Tay!

Back in July, a mini baby bump was pretty visible at her Jeannie Mai x Owls Brew Boozy Tea Party in L.A. when she posed it up with Jordin Sparks and husband Dana Isaiah:


Congrats to the couple!

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#EMMYSSOWHITE: No Black Actors Won In Major Acting Categories Despite Historic & Diverse Nominations

Another year, same ish. White actors and actresses swept up all the acting awards during the 2021 Primetime EMMYs despite almost half of the nominees being people of color. Now, #EMMYSSOWHITE is trending….

When this year’s Primetime EMMYs kicked off with host Cedric the Entertainer paying tribute to late Hip Hop pioneer Biz Markie, it surely gave off a vibe that it was the start of a bomb night for black actors and actresses. The 73rd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards had a Black host, Black announcer (MC Lyte), and even Black music.

Yet, black actors and actresses were completely shut out of ALL of the major acting categories. What’s more is the fact that performers of color comprised almost half (44%) of the acting nominations for this year’s awards. And that’s the first time in EMMYs history that many people of color were nominated in acting categories.

While the nominations were historic, the wins were NOT. White actors and actresses swept up all 12 lead AND supporting categories across drama, comedy and limited series categories. There were several Black solid contenders like the late Michael K. Williams ("Lovecraft Country"), Billy Porter and MJ Rodriguez ("POSE") and Kenan Thompson (NBC’s "Kenan").

Clearly, the math ain’t mathin’ and folks had plenty to say about it:

50% of tonight’s nominees were people of color and Television Academy voters pretty much chose all the white people #EmmysSoWhite #Emmys

— Brandi Brands (@BBrands26) September 20, 2021

the Emmys is like that tv show you’re still watching *just in case* it finally does something different

but every year it proves you wrong and does its same old thing again. and again. and again. #EmmysSoWhite

— Ashley Lee (@cashleelee) September 20, 2021

Black host, Black announcer hell even Black music. We doing everything but win. #EmmysSoWhite#Emmys

— ~Alexandria~ “AstroPetty” (@DOPECHICKBEATS) September 20, 2021

Yeah, considering how few people of color won tonight, the discussion of diversity is officially bullshit. #EmmysSoWhite

— Caleb Royal (@CalebRoyal82) September 20, 2021

Michael K Williams SHOULD HAVE WON AN EMMY TONIGHT! #Emmys #EmmysSoWhite

— Vanessa (@prlatina44) September 20, 2021

"Power" producer 50 Cent also reacted (then deleted):

And so did Meet The Blacks director Deon Taylor





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A post shared by Deon Taylor (@deontaylor)


"All that talking this past year !! Everybody saying they want inclusion … but yet we see the same results over and over again… no increase in black show runners – same people in position , not allowing others to enter the space – no new faces , No breakouts , no new artist , writers or directors – !!," he wrote. "And this is the results … No wins !! Not even close – Been waiting for @blackishabc and @anthonyanderson and @traceeellisross to sweep the emmys in some form for 5 years – still nothing !! Insecure ?!! Nothing ?! But yet you build shows just like these that win year after year – and lord knows I’m speaking as a fan !! It’s tiring !!! And I don’t wanna hear , we need our own awards show !! Cause the amount of money we bring in – and the level of culture we deliver daily , needs to be rewarded on the big stage , with everyone else !! Feel like we have been lied to again …. Why can’t we get a fair shake “?! I’m asking … where are the black critics ? And do they really count ? If so – why dont we ever win?! We can’t win – “A category” ever ! God help us find unity and fairness! I love entertainment- and I absolutely love television and film !! I’ve given my life to it- but at some point – we need to see REAL CHANGE !!!! And I’m not talking about a invite !! Congratulations to the Queen @therealdebbieallen and #machella for you’re win this evening ! Hoping we can see more of this in the near future !! @televisionacad somebody please call me !! Would love to have a real conversation – that can help this problem… we have a group over here, waiting to have a real conversation that can help."

Last year, four creatives of color won in major categories, including Zendaya, Regina King, Uzo Aduba and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II. This year: zero.

While there weren’t any people of color collecting trophies in the acting categories, there were some wins for the culture.

Last weekend, a few people of color won awards during the Creative Arts EMMYs, including Courtney B. Vance, who won Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series for his guest starring role in HBO’s "Lovecraft Country." Comedian Dave Chappelle won Outstanding Directing for a Variety Series for hosting "Saturday Night Live," and Maya Rudolph won Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy Series for hosting "Saturday Night Live."

"RuPaul’s Drag Race" won Outstanding Casting for a Reality Program during the Creative EMMYs.

Despite the snubs, two Black creatives did win awards that were televised, and made history.

Michaela Coel – who was up for four awards – won the award for Outstanding Writing for a Limited or Anthology Series or Movie for "I May Destroy You." It’s the first time a Black woman has won the award and the third time it was given to a Black creative. 

RuPaul made history yet again! The famed TV host and producer won three EMMYs, including Outstanding Host for a Reality or Competition Program, Outstanding Unstructured Reality Program and Outstanding Competition Program for "RuPaul’s Drag Race."

RuPaul now has 11 EMMY Awards and now holds the record for the most EMMYs won by a person of color. Congrats!

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‘I May Destroy You’ Writer & Star Michaela Coel Is Now An EMMY WINNER!

It’s about freakin’ time! One of our fave British imports just won her first Emmy, and it’s WELL overdue.  Celebrate with Michaela Coel below.

First time nominee, first time winner!  "Chewing Gum"star and creator & HBO’s "I May Destroy You" writer and creator, Michaela Coel, is about to add some gold hardware to her shelf.  She’s nominated for 4 Emmys for the show, and just became the winner for Writing For A Limited/Anthology Series Or Movie For "I May Destroy You." Yesss!

Her emotional acceptance speech told other writers to step away from being visible when they need to regroup or when they feel the need, and encouraged them to write what scares them and not just live through other people’s experiences.  She also tributed all survivors of sexual assault.

"I May Destroy" show has become a cult favorite, but it unfortunately will not be returning for a second season as of this past February.  We hope this win changes a few minds tonight, though!

If not, we can’t wait to see what this fab chick does next.

Micaela looked gorgeous tonight in a bold, neon yellow, two-piece ensemble by black designer Christopher john Rogers.  Check out all of our EMMYS red carpet coverage HERE!



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Rita Wilson Joined Cedric The Entertainer & LL Cool J To Open The 2021 EMMYS With A Biz Markie Tribute And….

Can’t say we saw this coming. But maybe we should have. Twitter is losing it after Rita Wilson – yes, Chet Hanks‘ mama – hopped on the mic to spit the late Biz Markie‘s bars during his tribute during tonight’s Emmys. Watch inside.

We’re not sure what’s even happening, but actress Rita Wilson – Tom Hanks’ wife and Chet Hanks’ mother – doubled down on her rap abilities she showed off at the top of quarantine.  She had everybody in a tizzy then, and tonight was no different.

Emmys host Cedric The Entertainer opened the show with a tribute to late rap legend Biz Markie and Ced’s "best friend" television, who passed away in July, and LL Cool J, Lil Dicky and Ms. Wilson were amongst the surprise cameos.  Rita was clearly having the time of her life during "Just A Friend", chile.  Check it below:

Ha! And Twitter collectively came to the conclusion that she already has a better rap career than her son:


Rita Wilson saw Glenn Close doing da butt at the Oscars and said, "Hold my beer"

— Aisha Harris (@craftingmystyle) September 20, 2021

I am not drunk enough for Rita Wilson rapping over Just A Friend !!!

— Carrie Courogen (@carriecourogen) September 20, 2021

When my friends find out that Rita Wilson is my first hip hop concert since covid started.

— ClockOutWars (@clockoutwars) September 20, 2021

Rita Wilson just eclipsed son Chet Hanks’ entire rap career in 10 earnestly awkward seconds.

— Mikey O’Connell (@mikeyoconnell) September 20, 2021

"I should watch the Emmy’s…" (Turns on CBS, sees Rita Wilson rapping, slowly pushes laptop into ocean.)

— Dan St. Germain (@DSGermain) September 20, 2021




Check out ALL the 2021 EMMYS red carpet coverage now!

Photo: Television Academy

2021 Primetime EMMYs Red Carpet: Yara Shahidi, Taraji, Niecy Nash, Tracee & More

The 2021 Primetime EMMYs are underway! Go inside for a live update of everything and everyone you need to see on the red carpet inside….

The 73rd annual Primetime EMMY Awards are underway in Los Angeles – in a tented space – hosted by none other than comedian Cedric the Entertainer.

Tonight, it’s all about celebrating GREAT television. See how your TV faves hit the red carpet below:

"Empire" star Taraji P. Henson – who celebrated her 51st birthday earlier this month – serves up MAJOR glam in a sparkly, sheer Elie Saab gown with pockets and Sophia Webster heels. She’s slated to play the role of Miss Hannigan in NBC’s Annie Live! later this year.

"Grown-ish" star Yara Shahidi wears a vintage kelly green Dior Haute Couture gown paired with brown leather pointed toe pumps, serving up Old Hollywood glam. That’s two LEWKS in a week.




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A post shared by Niecy Nash (@niecynash1)

"Claws" actress Niecy Nash is wearing a black Chiara Boni La Petite Robe gown, styled with Chanel jewels and pearls, also inspired by Old Hollywood glam. The 51-year-old actress (previously nominated for three EMMYs) looked bomb AF!

Multi-hyphenate star Michaela Coel turns heads in a neon yellow Christopher John Rogers ensemble for her first EMMYS. She was nominated for four awards this year. 

The actress, writer, producer and director has won her first Emmy – Outstanding Writing For A Limited Or Anthology Series Or Movie – for her critically acclaimed HBO series, “I May Destroy You."

"black-ish" actress Tracee Ellis Ross makes her way down the carpet in a shimmery red off-one-shoulder dress that was a combination of comfort and glam. She’s nominated for Outstanding Comedy Series as one of the producers of "black-ish."

"9-1-1" star and presenter Angela Bassett wears a statement-making gown by Greta Constantine paired with Christian Louboutin heels. Do we love it?!

"Little Fires Everywhere" star and presenter Kerry Washington glistens in silver corseted Etro gown and De Beers diamonds on the carpet before she paid tribute to late actor Michael K. Williams.

"Insecure" star and EMMY nominee Issa Rae wears custom AlietteNY and brings black culture to the carpet with a set of grills. 

She landed two EMMY nominations – Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy Series & Outstanding Variety Sketch Series – for her role in "A Black Lady Sketch Show".

RuPaul makes history yet again! He now holds the record for the most EMMYs won by a person of color after he won the Outstanding Competition Series honor for the fourth consecutive year for his show "RuPaul’s Drag Race."

Allyson Felix – the most decorated U.S. Olympic track athlete – gets dolled up in a cut-out Reem Acra gown and David Yurman jewels. She presented RuPaul with the history making EMMY.

"Lovecraft Country" star Jurnee Smollett looks like a lifesize doll in a beautiful Dior Haute Couture strapless gown, a piece from Maria Grazia Chiuri’s Fall 2020 collection, for her first EMMY nomination.

Entertainment Queen Debbie Allan was all smiles with her family on the carpet before she accepts the Governors Award.

Nominee Rosie Perez looks like a golden goddess when she hit the red carpet. She’s nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series for her work in "The Flight Attendant." She was previously nominated for the Outstanding Achievement in Choreography award in 1990, 1992 and 1993 for her work in "In Living Color."

Her husband Eric Haze joins her on the carpet.

"POSE" actor Billy Porter strikes a pose in Ashi. He’s nominated for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series for his role on "POSE."

Host Cedric the Entertainer, in an interesting Rich Fresh suit, and wife Lorna Wells hit the carpet.

"POSE" star and nominee MJ (Michaela Jaé) Rodriguez strikes a pose (no pun intended) in a flowy Atelier Versace gown. MJ is up for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series making the 30-year-old the first transgender performer to receive a lead actress nod.

"The Handmaid’s Tale" actress Samira Wiley and her wife Lauren Morelli wear color coordinated ‘fits. The happy couple became moms to a baby girl (named George Elizabeth) earlier this year.

Cynthia Erivo dons blue and green feathers to add a pop of color to her white Louis Vuitton gown. She’s nominated for her first EMMY award for her role as Aretha Franklin in "Genius: Aretha."

Come through color! "Mrs. America" star & newlywed Uzo Aduba wears a Cristina Ottaviano dress and Brian Atwood shoes.

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The YBF actress recently revealed she married filmmaker Robert Sweeting in 2020. Congrats!

"Black Lady Sketch" star and EMMY nominee Robin Thede looks regal in a custom embroidered Jason Wu gown, styled by Wayman + Micah.

Braided up "Bachelorette" star Rachel Lindsay wears a strapless Christopher John Rogers gown for the EMMY festivities.

Nominee Kenan Thompson wins best dressed male for the night! He’s nominated for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series for his NBC show "Kenan."

Nominee Nicole Byer floats on the red carpet in a purple Christian Siriano gown for her big night. 

Jazz musician Jon Batiste honors New Orleans at the EMMYs. His custom suit is made of images from the 2005 storm Hurricane Katrina. The images on his suit show aerial pictures of people sitting and laying on the top of roofs in the flooded city with spray-painted messages reading " The water is rising. Please help" and also names listed saying they are alive in the flooded homes.

Always debonair on a red carpet! Nominee Sterling K. Brown wins the award for Outstanding Narrator for his role in "Lincoln: Divided We Stand." He was also nominated for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series for his role on "This Is Us." The upcoming sixth season will be the last one for the NBC series.

Carl Clemons Hopkins wears Christian Siriano, inspired by the non-binary flag, for the EMMYs Awards. Carl is nominated Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series for his role as Marcus Vaughan in "Hacks." Carl is the first openly non-binary person to ever be nominated for an EMMY.

TV Host and nominee Amber Ruffin was all smiles on the carpet. "The Amber Ruffin Show" is nominated for Outstanding Writing for a Variety Series.

Actress Moses Ingram shows out in olive green for her first EMMY Awards. She is nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Limited or Anthology Series or Movie for playing Jolene in "The Queen’s Gambit."

Access Hollywood’s Zuri Hall looks like a Black Barbie giving 70s soul in a silver Rani Zakhem Couture long sleeved jumpsuit with a plunging neckline and split legs.

Entertainment Tonight host Nischelle Turner brings a little color on the carpet alongside her colleague Kevin Frazier.




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Rocsi Diaz snaps it up in Haleia and YSL shoes.

E! correspondent Karamo makes a grand entrance with Rocsi:




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Watch what folks had to say about their looks below:


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Rich Paul – LeBron James’ Agent – And Adele Make Their Coupledom Instagram Official

Singer Adele makes it social media official with her beau Rich Paul, who is LeBron James’ agent, months after coupledom speculations. More inside….

It appears things are getting serious in the sports agent mogul & Adele‘s love lives.

After months of speculation, the British singer took to Instagram yesterday to post a black-and-white photo booth pic of herself and famed sports agent Rich Paul, who represents the Lakers’ star player, LeBron James.  Rich is well known for cutting hundreds of millions of dollars worth of deals and shaking up the sports agent landscape with his star Klutch Group client roster that also includes Anthony Davis, Lonzo Ball, Ben Simmons, Tristan Thompson, Draymond Green and John Wall to name a few.

The rumored couple attended baller Anthony Davis and Marlen P‘s lavish wedding in Los Angeles. Afterwards, she shared some photos from the nuptials and basically confirmed the coupledom rumors that have been swirling about her and Rich Paul:




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A post shared by Adele (@adele)

She shared a photo dump from the party where she’s wearing a black-and-white black Schiaparelli gown posting her coupledom shot with Rich as the last slide. The "Turning Tables" singer simply captioned it with a red heart emoji.

During the reception, Adele turned up on the dance floor with her boo: 

This is wild AF
Anthony Davis singing on stage with new edition while Adele is dancing with Rich Paul.
Hard to process all this at once.

— TAHOE LARRY (@hollerator) September 19, 2021

Before sharing their coupledom photo on her official account, the 33-year-old singer and the 39-year-old sports agent were spotted on a lowkey dinner date at In-N-Out in L.A.:

Adele was seen recently with Rich Paul.

— Adele Daily (@adeledailynet) September 13, 2021

Rumors about a coupledom situation started over the summer when Adele and Rich popped up courtside at Game 5 of the NBA Finals in July, just a few months after sources confirmed the two were just "hanging out" together. After their NBA outing, a source confirmed to Page Six that they were "definitely dating."



Rich Paul and Adele look like a couple and she schooling him on the game.

— Blackie Ohtani (@All_Cake88) July 18, 2021



In March, Adele’s marriage to CEO of Drop4Drop Simon Konecki, who is also the father of her 8-year-old son Angelo, finalized their marriage. They reportedly share joint and legal custody of their son and neither party had to pay spousal support.

Well, hello there to the new couple…officially.

Photo: Adele’s IG

Kym Whitley Spills Tea On Marlon Wayans’ ‘Package’ & How Mo’Nique Stepped To Her Over Late Gerald Levert

Say what, now? Kym Whitley spilled hella tea in the newest episode of TV One’s "Uncensored." She talked about her encounter with Marlon Wayans’ "package" and how Mo’Nique stepped to her about dating Gerald Levert. Get it all inside…

Actress Kym Whitley has spilled all of the piping hot tea about her journey into Hollywood during the newest episode of TV One’s "Uncensored" series. And she surely didn’t hold back when dishing about her life’s journey. Like, she shared it all.

While reflecting on her start in Hollywood, she shared a funny story about working with actor/comedian Marlon Wayans on "The Wayans Show" in 1998. Apparently, Marlon is PACKING and when she realized it, she thought he was playing a prank on her.

Since Marlon is know to play jokes, she thought he put a “small bat” in his pants to make it appear as if his penis was bigger than what it is.

“I thought he’s trying to be funny because he’s a fool and I kept looking and I said [to myself], ‘This boy done put a little bat in his shorts, in his red sweatpants.’ I kept looking at it and I said, ‘Stop being silly boy you crazy!’,” she shared.

Turns out, there wasn’t a "small bat" in his sweatpants. That was ALL HIM. She was shocked to find out she was mistaken.

“You see this? He is so silly. And nobody on set was laughing," she continued. "They were saying over the speakers, like, ‘Oh she seen it.’ So I am like, that’s real? First of all you need to put a rope on that thing and tie it up, whatever that is. Then for the whole week I was distracted and they were like he has a reputation in Hollywood. He’s just blessed! It’s burned into my brain!”


Peep the clip below:


The "My Brother & Me" actress also shared details about her relationship with late singer Gerald Levert. She dubbed him the "one who got away." Apparently, the former couple knew one another since they were kids and her family didn’t agree with her being involved with Gerald. That didn’t matter. She loved him and she was "gonna to stick beside him."  She said she and Gerald had plans to marry, but that never happened due to his unexpected death.

“The reason Gerald and I never got married is because he died,” she said. “He left me here to fend for myself and deal with this life alone. But if he lived we would of definitely got together, absolutely, because we were friends. We always talked about getting married. He said, ‘[When we turn 50], if you’re not married, if I’m not married, we’re gonna get married. He made a solid bet on it.”

The couple had an on-and-off relationship and Kym said his "lover boy" ways is what led to them breaking up. Once, comedienne/Oscar winning actress Mo’Nique confronted her about wanting to date the "Casanova" singer.

“I remember when Mo’Nique wanted to date Gerald,” she said. “That’s one thing people don’t know. Mo’Nique is a very mature woman even when she was young. She came up to me and she was like ‘Look, I want to date Gerald Levert. I know ya’ll used to date or whatever but I am coming to you as a woman to let you know that I’m interested’.”

Not "coming to you as a woman"! Kym said Mo’Nique has always been on her "grown woman" stuff and since she did that, she respected that and gave her the greenlight to do her thing. Sweet.

“I gave her my blessing even though secretly I was like, ‘Did I do the right thing?’”

Peep the clip above.

Kym also talked about her "beef" with her lookalike actress Jackee Harry and shared how Jackee’s sister threatened to beat her down:


This Sunday on Uncensored!I’m sure this is going to get me in trouble,but I’ve been in trouble before. @jackeeharry told me to get my own brand, and I’m glad I did! I’m glad that we are friends now! Moral of the story is,you never know where life is going to take you! #Myjourey

— Kym Whitley (@kymwhitley) September 17, 2021


Thankfully, it’s all good now.

The next "Uncensored" will air on September 19th at 10:00pm EST on TV One.

Photos: Kym’s IG

Proud Family Reboot Gets The Star-Studded Treatment – Normani, Lil Nas X & Lizzo Join The Cast + The Shumperts Reality Show Gets Renewed

Disney’s hit cartoon "Proud Family" is getting the reboot treatment with a star-studded cast. Deets on Normani, Lil Nas X and Lizzo getting "louder and prouder" in the animation world, plus deets on Teyana Taylor  & Iman Shumpert‘s reality show getting the greenlight for another season inside….

Remember Disney’s "The Proud Family?" It premiered on Disney 20 years ago with its iconic Solange/Destiny’s Child theme song, ran for a few seasons, and then it was canceled.

Now, it’s getting a revival. Not only is being revived, it’s loaded with a star-studded cast for the new generation.

Although the show only ran for two seasons, it was a big hit with Disney fans. To celebrate its 20th anniversary, a reboot titled "The Proud Family revival Louder and Prouder" is set to drop.

According to Deadline, the reboot has gathered a healthy group of A-listers to feature on the upcoming revival, including Normani, Lizzo, Lil Nas X, Chance the Rapper, Leslie Odom Jr., Tiffany Haddish, Lena Waithe, Anthony Anderson, Gabrielle Union, Debbie Allen, James Pickens Jr., Courtney B. Vance, Jane Lynch, Marsai Martin, Jaden Smith, Glynn Turman, Lamorne Morris, Brenda Song, Tina Knowles, Eva Longoria, Holly Robinson Peete, Al Roker, Bretman Rock, Gabby Douglas, Laurie Hernandez and Dominique Dawes, among others.

SHEESH! That’s more star power than we were expecting, but we’re not mad. Producers are making sure the animated series comes back "louder and prouder."

"The Proud Family revival Louder and Prouder" is set to premiere on Disney+ in 2022.

A few celeb newbies will also be joining the cast.  Deadline reports:

New recurring stars announced today include Asante Blackk (This Is Us) as Penny’s boyfriend, Kareem; rapper Artist “A Boogie” Dubose as Maya’s gamer brother, Francis “KG” Leibowitz-Jenkins; Raquel Lee Bolleau (Real Husbands of Hollywood), who will reprise her role as Nubia Gross; and Marcus T. Paulk (Red Tails), who reprises his role as Penny’s classmate, Myron.


Airing on Disney Channel between 2001 and 2005, The Proud Family followed the misadventures of teenager Penny Proud (Kyla Pratt) and her numerous eccentric family members. Louder and Prouder is currently in production at Disney Television Animation and will of course pick up the story of its central character, as it catches up with her parents Oscar (Tommy Davidson) and Trudy (Paula Jai Parker), her twin siblings BeBe and CeCe, her grandmother Suga Mama (JoMarie Payton) and dog Puff, and members of her loyal crew including Dijonay Jones (Karen Malina White), LaCienega Boulevardez (Alisa Reyes) and Zoey Howzer (Soleil Moon Frye), among others.

Other original cast members reprising their roles, as previously announced, are Cedric the Entertainer, Carlos Mencia, Maria Canals-Barrera and Alvaro Gutierrez. Additional recurring cast members new to the world of The Proud Family include Keke Palmer, Billy Porter, Zachary Quinto, and EJ Johnson.

Hard to believe its been 20 who years since the show premiered. Much like the show previously did, the reboot will follow the day-to-day life as a Black American family, which will touch on social issues, activism and more. According to Vulture, Penny Proud (the show’s main character) is older now, so that’ll be cool to see how she evolved.

Peep "The Proud Family" featurette below:


And they better come through with the right theme song too!





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Are you here for it?


The fans love Little Junie and want more!

E! has reportedly renewed Teyana Taylor & Iman Shumpert‘s "We Got Love Teyana & Iman" reality series for a second season, according to The Jasmine Brand. The show follows career mom Teyana and NBA baller husband Iman Shumpert along with their young daughters, Junie & Rue.

The show is TV gold due in part of Junie’s infectious personality. She’s really the star of the show and keeps viewers laughing with her sassy personality.

Right now, Iman is flexing his footwork for Season 30 of ABC’s "Dancing With The Stars." His rumored dance partner is Daniella Karagach, who assisted rapper Nelly when he appeared on the dance competition show in Season 29. The new season also features "RHOA" star Kenya Moore, YouTuber JoJo Siwa and more.

"Dancing With The Stars" Season 30 begins on Monday, September 20th at 8pm EST on ABC.


1. Audra McDonald and Leslie Odom Jr. are set to host the 2021 Tony Awards, which will take place later this month honoring the 2019-2020 season and celebrating Broadway’s return. STORY

2. CBS’ ‘The Activist’ is being reconfigured in response to the firestorm of criticism, and will now become a one-time documentary special instead of a five-episode competition series. STORY

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INSTAGRAM OFFICIAL?! Zoe Kravitz & Channing Tatum Didn’t Arrive At The Met Gala Together, But They Surely Partied Together & Left Together

Oh? So, it’s Instagram official now? Well, kinda. Rumors about Channing Tatum and Zoe Kravitz have been circulating for weeks. His latest Instagram post from the Met Gala is only fueling the dating rumors. More inside….

Well, it appears those dating rumors are true: Zoe Kravitz and Channing Tatum are a "thing."

The 2021 Met Gala went down this week where they both were attendance. They didn’t show up together, but they surely left the scene together:

Channing Tatum and Zoë Kravitz stepped up and then stepped out to the #MetGala. (: Diggzy/Jesal/Shutterstock)

— E! News (@enews) September 14, 2021

He was also seen carrying her purse:




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Singer Alicia Keys shared a series of pics from a birthday bash for her husband, Swizz Beatz, after the Met Gala and both Zoe & Channing were in attendance.

Channing shared the pictures on his IG Stories that featured himself and Zoe, writing, "This night! Nobody wanted to trifle with us on the dance floor … Music and vibe was next level. Thank you @aliciakeys."




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Just a few weeks ago, Zoe’s divorce to Karl Glusman was finalized eight months ater she filed for divorce. The 32-year-old actress and the 33-year-old actor tied the knot at her father Lenny Kravitz’s home in Paris in June 2019 after three years of dating. By December 2020, the couple decided to go their separate ways, dissolving their 2-year marriage.

The divorce confirmation came at a time when the Mad Max: Fury Road star was rendezvousing with the hunky Hollywood actor. They were spotted together on several occasions in NYC.

Zoe & Channing are currently working on a project together. He’s set to star as the lead in her directorial debut titled Pussy Island. Zoe wrote the genre thriller with E.T. Feigenbaum and she’ll produce it alongside Bruce Cohen, Tiffany Persons and Tatum’s Free Association.

When romance rumors started circulating in January, a source told PEOPLE they were simply "working together on an upcoming project" and shot down dating rumors. Hmph.

Now, here we are….

Photos: Featureflash Photo Agency/Jaguar PS/Shutterstock

The Fire Pics You Didn’t See – INSIDE the 2021 MET GALA!

Gabrielle Union Was ‘Devastated’ When She Learned D. Wade Had A Baby On Her While Experiencing Infertility Issues, Talks Forgiving Him & Bonding Struggles After Surrogacy

For the first time, Gabrielle Union is opening up about how she felt when she learned Dwyane Wade got another woman pregnant and how it hit different since she, herself was trying to have his baby. She also talks about her struggles with surrogacy, even after welcoming her daughter Kaavia James. Everything inside…


Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade shocked their fans when they revealed they were the parents of a new baby girl back in 2018. Fast forward to now and they’ve settled into life with a toddler and teenagers, including his children Zaire and Zaya, and nephew Dahveon Morris.

The former NBA player is the father of a fourth child named Xavier Wade, whom he had with a woman named Aja Metoyer. While D. Wade and Gabby were supposedly on a break, news of him having a baby crushed her world.

Gabby talks about the devastation and trauma she felt when she learned D. Wade was welcoming a new baby with another woman in her second memoir titled You Got Anything Stronger?, the follow up to We’re Going to Need More Wine.

“In 2013, before we were married, Dwyane had a baby with another woman,” Gabrielle Union tells TIME magazine. “It should go without saying that we were not in a good place at the time that child was conceived,” she continues.





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A post shared by Gabrielle Union-Wade (@gabunion)


The former NBA player told the "Being Mary Jane" star he was expecting a child with another woman before it hit the media.

“We were doing much better when he finally told me about the pregnancy,” she shares. “To say I was devastated is to pick a word on a low shelf for convenience,” the 48-year-old actress admits.

“There are people—strangers I will never meet—who have been upset that I have not previously talked about that trauma,” the actress reveals. “I have not had words, and even after untold amounts of therapy, I am not sure I have them now.”

The news – especially when it became public – of him getting another woman pregnant hit harder since she was also in the midst of trying to get pregnant and have a baby of her own.

"The experience of Dwyane having a baby so easily—while I was unable to—left my soul not just broken into pieces, but shattered into fine dust scattering in the wind," she shares. "We gathered what we could to slowly remake me into something new. There was no way to disguise where I’d been glued back together."

Gabrielle wanted a baby badly, but she was experiencing infertility issues. She started to consider surrogacy after 9+ miscarriages.

"Each time this was presented, I felt the constant, public prodding to acknowledge my body’s failures," she writes in her book.

"’Just let some other, more capable, woman get the job done. Because you’re not capable.’ It wasn’t my imagination. In life’s many comment sections, it was clear that I had wasted enough of everyone’s time. The messages were that I had prioritized my career, and now I was too old to have a kid. In fact, I owed that to Dwyane Wade. I had robbed him of this child because I was an older woman almost ten years older than D—and I had to have known my window was limited."

The "L.A.’s Finest" star shares what it was like when she first met her surrogate, a white woman named Natalie.

"I realized this was like the best and worst blind date ever," she jokes.

"The first thing I noticed was a nose ring. Oh, I thought, she’s a cool-ass white girl. And then I noticed her notice me. Her eyebrows shot up," Gabrielle recalls. "There was an excitement to her voice and I smiled. ‘This is such a trip. I have your book on hold at four different libraries.’ And I knew (a) she was a reader and (b) she frequented libraries. I have never been done wrong by readers. I started laughing, and we hugged."

The Wades welcomed baby Kaavia James Union Wade in November 2018. A year before that, Gabby had been diagnosed with adenomyosis.





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A post shared by Gabrielle Union-Wade (@gabunion)


Baby Kaavia is about to turn three-years-old in a few months, yet, Gabby still questions if her daughter would love her more had she actually carried her in her body. The struggle to feel like she actually "earned" becoming a mother is definitely real to her.

So much time has passed. So many firsts. Yet the question lingers in my mind: I will always wonder if Kaav would love me more if I had carried her," she writes. "Would our bond be even tighter? I will never know what it would have been like to carry this rockstar inside me. When they say having a child is like having your heart outside your body, that’s all I know. We met as strangers, the sound of my voice and my heartbeat foreign to her. It’s a pain that has dimmed but remains present in my fears that I was not, and never will be, enough.

"And Dwyane leaves me with another riddle that has no answer. I can never know if my failure to carry a child put a ceiling on the love my husband has for me. Yes, I am Baby Mama number three, a label that is supposed to be an insult. But is the injury not that label but instead the asterisk next to my name in the record? The asterisk denotes that the achievement is in question. ‘She didn’t really earn the title.’

"If I am telling the fullness of our stories, of our three lives together, I must tell the truths I live with. And I have learned that you can be honest and loving at the same time."

Interesting. Thoughts?

Gabrielle’s second memoir You Got Anything Stronger? is currently available for purchase in major stores and online platforms.

Photo: Gabby’s IG

Michael K. Williams’ Son & Girlfriend Share Special Tributes Before He’s Laid To Rest In Pennsylvania

Before Michael K. Williams was laid to rest in Pennsylvania, his son and his girlfriend shared heartfelt tributes to the late actor.

Read their emotional goodbyes and get deets on his funeral inside…


Last week, the world was shocked when news hit that Hollywood actor/activist Michael K. Williams had died.

Michael K. Williams – who played rose to fame as Omar Little in hit HBO series "The Wire" – was reportedly found dead inside of his home in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn, the police said. He was 54. It’s reported he died of an apparent drug overdose and a criminal investigation has been launched.

Marianna Shafran – his longtime rep – confirmed his death in a statement, which said the family is grappling with "deep sorrow" at “this insurmountable loss.”

It’s reported law enforcement sources said the Hollywood actor was discovered face-down and unresponsive in the dining room of his Williamsburg penthouse with what appeared to be drugs on the table on September 6th. Right now, investigators are working to identify the substance, believed to be heroin laced with fentanyl, and they have opened a criminal investigation to find out who sold him the drugs.

Michael’s middle son – Karim Anderson – has been taking the news of his father’s death understandably hard. He was already grieving the lost of his mother, who died just 35 weeks earlier.




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A post shared by PoeticChef LLC (@poeticchef1)


"Started of the year bad.. ending off the year bad.. Unreal.. Momma Bear .. Papa Bear Gone… Same year .. These two right here together was a sight to see.. the laughs.. arguments.. cooking and the vibes," Karim captioned a photo of his mother and father.





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A post shared by PoeticChef LLC (@poeticchef1)


"Bro we was supposed to get dinner and turn up.. We was suppose to tear up the red carpet.. together like we always do," Karim wrote on IG after learning his father had passed. "We just got finished crying over mom last week… You prayed for me right before I left for Trinidad.. You Stepped In and Stepped Up! Fathered 3 Kids and did the best to your ability and I am forever thank ful! I love you Mike…. And I wanted to tell you that last night.. but I guess our last conversation will have to suffice.."

Karim – a chef – shared a video of his dad about to sink his teeth into one of his dishes:





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A post shared by PoeticChef LLC (@poeticchef1)


"This Man Loved His Belly.. His favorite dish for me to make him was my Raspberry salmon.. If you ate with him .. then you know he used these exact words if he really liked something.. “YO THIS SHIT IS FUCKING ROCKING BRUH” that’s when you know whatever you made for him or whatever he is eating is special lol .. Love you Pops! Truly are a Legend.. You Did Good! Join Momma! Cook! Laugh and continue to bless us!! Hey Heaven.. Omar Coming.."

As he mourned his father’s death, he shared a video from an interview his father did about working through his own issues to be a better father:





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A post shared by PoeticChef LLC (@poeticchef1)






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A post shared by PoeticChef LLC (@poeticchef1)


The "Lovecraft Country" star’s girlfriend – Goli Samii – also shared how much Michael K. Williams loved his son:





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A post shared by Goli Samii (@goli.samii)


"@poeticchef1 ..your pops loved you so much," Goli wrote in a caption of Karim kissing his father. "Proud papa . We were heading to Miami to see your new restaurant this weekend .. Rum n Raspberry .. you will keep making him proud kiddo . Warriors no matter what Keep that smile on his face from the land of angels."

Goli shared several tributes to her "warrior" on Instagam:





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A post shared by Goli Samii (@goli.samii)


"My only love . You were my only one . Eternal. No words to say how. Much you meant to me . Just know . I’m never gonna forget how you completed me my warrior . It was you and me . I’m holding you . Like you held me. It’s me alone now . It was only you warrior . We know that 2.. i kiss you with all that’s left in me . Was only one more moment til we met again . Just one . That fast . You are my king photo credit @jordan.goldnadel"





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A post shared by Goli Samii (@goli.samii)


"Only u my warrior .I’ll never be loved like you loved me," she wrote. "I will carry on with you inside me . I promise.. way too many hearts breaking for your departure my warrior . You were the truest kindest most humble warrior king of the broken hearted . You will always be the one and only warrior king . Nobody was as kind as you . Not one person you met you didn’t touch . You took more photos on the street with every one who said hello . With heart . You made others smile because your generosity of spirit was so rare . Humble and kind . Pure . Rest in paradise . Rest In Peace . Rest your tender heart. Til we meet again in the land of angels . Only love dearest warrior . You were the truest of them all."





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A post shared by Goli Samii (@goli.samii)






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A post shared by Goli Samii (@goli.samii)


Michael’s "Lovecraft Country" co-star Jurnee Smollett wrote a beautiful tribute to her co-worker-turned friend:





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A post shared by Jurnee Smollett (@jurneesmollett)


She also shared a video of the "Lovecraft Country" cast wishing him a Happy Birthday:





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A post shared by Jurnee Smollett (@jurneesmollett)


Earlier this week, he was laid to rest at St. Stephen’s Episcopal Cathedral in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, where his mother has lived for over two decades.


Snoop from The Wire carrying Michael K Williams’ coffin at his funeral this week was everything

— brb (@hey_mcnutty) September 16, 2021


The Patriot-News reports:

"He came to Harrisburg as often as he could," said Johnathan Branam, the funeral home manager for Hooper Memorial Home, which handled Williams’ services, according to the outlet. "He loved his mama. Harrisburg embraced him as an adopted son."

About 150 family and friends, including two dozen actors and celebrities, were in attendance:


Queen Latifah Was in downtown Harrisburg today for the funeral of actor Michael K Williams, who starred in The Wire.

— Christine Vendel (@ChristineVendel) September 14, 2021



Actor Andre Royo or “Bubbles” from The Wire was in downtown Harrisburg this morning for the funeral of Michael K Williams, who portrayed “Omar” on the show.

— Christine Vendel (@ChristineVendel) September 14, 2021



His homegoing service was livestreamed for fans, which you can watch below:

May he rest in Power!

Photo: Debby Wong/

Is This Needed?! Hollywood Gears Up To Remake Whitney Houston’s ‘The Bodyguard’

Hollywood’s obsession with remakes is now moving to a 90s classic that featured late legendary singer Whitney Houston. Yep, a remake of "The Bodyguard" is in the works and all we keep thinking is…WHY IS THIS NEEDED?! More inside….

It’s been a season of remakes and reboots! And if we’re honest, we’re just TIREDT. That doesn’t matter though because Hollywood is going to keep on Hollywood’n and they’re going to keep churning out these remakes until they can’t anymore.

The iconic 1992 classic film, The Bodyguard, which starred the late Whitney Houston and Hollywood vet Kevin Costner, is getting the remake treatment, according to Variety. And we can’t say we’re excited about it. Some things should be left alone. This movie is one of them.

According to Varitey, Matthew López, the Tony-nominated playwright of “The Inheritance,” has been hired to write the new version of the film for Warner Bros.

Variety reports:

Lawrence Kasdan of Kasdan Pictures, and Dan Lin and Jonathan Eirich of Rideback are producing the new film. Rideback’s Nick Reynolds will executive produce. Kasdan was the writer-producer of the original. Lin has been attached to the property since 2011, which has seen delirious speculation over the potential lead cast for years. Combos from Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson to Channing Tatum and Cardi B have been floated. No cast has been set for López’s script at this stage.

In 2011, there were reports that Rihanna would be cast as the lead for Warner Bros. Bodyguard remake. No updates on if this is still true in 2021.

It seems Whitney Houston fans are NOT here a Bodyguard remake:

Whitney Houston reading about this bodyguard remake

— (@heyjaeee) September 15, 2021

Kevin Costner literally fell in love with Whitney Houston shooting the Bodyguard.


— Waiting to Oxtail (@ThatDudeMCFLY) September 16, 2021


— Leah Murray (@GingerBredHun) September 16, 2021

Whitney Houston’s iconic film ‘The Bodyguard’ is getting a remake .

— Proud Coco Puff (@KyTransgender) September 15, 2021

I agree. I love FLIGHT OF THE NAVIGATOR. It just became available in the DMC on blu and I am going to order it. But, there’s a lot that could be further developed with an upgrade. Could be more than a money grab.

THE BODYGUARD IS WHITNEY HOUSTON. Period. All money grab here.

— Johnny The Sorcerer Trekkie (@DisnerdTrekkie) September 15, 2021

They need to leave The Bodyguard alone. There is no stand in for Whitney Houston.

— Sera Taíno: A Delicious Dilemma is available now (@serataino) September 15, 2021

Wait a minute! Why does the Whitney Houston classic, and I use that literally. Soundtrack and her acting are perfect! WHY! Remake. I’m so grateful certain story owners refuse to let their content be remade! Please let new stories be told, there are so many out there! #bodyguard

— peter tasker (@petertasker) September 15, 2021

Yeah, a Bodyguard remake isn’t needed. Let that classic just be a classic and enjoy it for it was. It was a huge hit when it debuted almost 30 years ago. And it still is. Hey Hollywood: LEAVE IT ALONE.

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Fat Joe Apologizes To Lil Mo & Vita For Calling Them ‘Dusty B*tches’ During VERZUZ Battle With Ja Rule + Remy Ma Enters The Chat

Fat Joe is apologizing for comments he made during his VERZUZ Battle against Ja Rule. While trying to pop back at Ja, he came for Lil Mo and Vita, dubbing them "dusty b*tches."

Mo posted he should issue an apology and then Remy Ma joined the chat. More inside…





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A post shared by VERZUZ (@verzuztv)

Things got heated during Fat Joe‘s VERZUZ Battle with Ja Rule when he threw out that "dusty b*tches" comment aimed at singer Lil Mo and raptress Vita.

Last night, the two New York rappers pulled out all of their biggest hits. They even invited several of their biggest collaborators to join them for the battle, including Nelly, Ashanti, Remy Ma and more.

After Ja performed "Put It On Me" featuring Lil Mo and Vita, Fat Joe followed up with some disrespectful commentary aimed at the two ladies.

"Oh, them dusty b*tches," Joe said about Lil Mo and Vita. "You had to go to the crack house to find them b*tches."


Later, Ja called Joe out for disrespecting the ladies. Check it below:

After Joe started to receive backlash online for his comments, he hopped on Twitter to apologize:

“Shout to the ladies very sorry if I disrespected,” he tweeted. “I love Vida and Lil Moe I’m super sorry love my sisters.”

That wasn’t enough for Mo. She hopped on Instagram to clap back at Joe’s comments.

"I need EVERYONE to tell @Fatjoe he owes A genuine Apology," she wrote. "I don’t Live in A #CrackHouse , I’m Not A #Bxtch nor am I Dusty!!! #StreetCODE Women & Children is off limits #Disappointed #Legend"

The "Lean Back" rapper hopped in her comments to apologize again: 

Remy Ma – who also performed during the VERZUZ – hopped in Mo’s comments to defend her "brother" Fat Joe.

"@thelilmoshow Stop it Mo, you know damn well Joe ain’t on it like that. First of all …you, V, Shanti- or nobody had even come out yet- when him and Ja was going back & forth; we didn’t know who was in the back. Second… I was in the car when you walked thru the parking lot and he hugged you, & showed mad love as usual…no need for your followers to tell him anything, as someone that personally knows you I’m sorry you were offended – you can call my phone ; matter fact I’m gonna dm you my number in case you don’t have it anymore – but also as someone that personally knows Joe he was not intentionally trying to hurt anyone- it was a battle between friends that are like family, sidebar: #streetcode don’t do social media"


Vita said she was wondering why Joe was issuing an apology to her because she was in the dressing room when he made those comments:





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A post shared by Lavita Raynor (@vitavitavitababy)


"@fatjoe Yooooo bro I was wondering why U was apologizing to me last night N @jarule Dressing Room Except his apology or Naw???," she wrote on IG. "What y’all think??? what you think Mo @thelilmoshow @fatjoe vs Rule or was it @fatjoe vs The Ladies #Grrrrrrrr #cartierShades4TheShady #BerMuda"

That wasn’t all of the foolery that went down during the battle…


Nelly really walked through these people’s concert to give Ashanti a hug #VERZUZ

— Kathleen Francois, MSW, LCSW, LCADC (@katfrancoislcsw) September 15, 2021



Did Nelly walk over and try to ask for a hug from Ashanti? #VERZUZ

— Mr B. (@HoeAssMrB) September 15, 2021


Newly single Nelly walked clean across the stage to get a hug from his ex-girlfriend Ashanti. Peep the clips above.


Nelly & Ashanti on stage with Fat Joe & Ja Rule at the #Verzuz battle

— 2Cool2Blog (@2cooI2blog) September 15, 2021



Oh. Fat Joe gifted Remy & Ashanti Hermes handbags on stage:


Fat Joe gifted Ashanti and Remy Ma Birkin bags in the middle of his #VERZUZ.

— Hip Hop Ties (@HipHopTiesMedia) September 15, 2021


Who did you pick as the winner of the VERZUZ Battle?

Photos: Fat Joe’s IG/Ja Rule’s IG


Nicki Minaj Feuds With Joy-Ann Reid Over COVID Vaccine Amid Reports Kenneth Petty’s Rape Victim Finally Serves Her With Lawsuit

Nicki Minaj cooked up some drama online when she shared her thoughts about getting the COVID vaccine. MSNBC’s Joy-Ann Reid scolded Nicki for her postings on the vaccine, which eventually erupted in an online feud.

All of the social media drama comes on the heels of a report that her husband’s rape victim was finally able to serve her and her husband Kenneth Petty with the intimidation & harassment lawsuit she filed.

Nicki Minaj ruffled some feathers after she shared her opinions about the COVID vaccine on social media. A conversation about the vaccine with her Barbz turned into an all-out feud with MSNBC’s Joy-Ann Reid with Nicki accusing the news anchor of being "thirsty to down another black woman."

After announcing she would be skipping out of performing at the MTV VMAs and attending the 2021 Met Gala, Nicki Minaj hopped on Twitter to chat with her fans about her hesitancy to get the COVID-19 shot. Proof of vaccination was required to attend the Met Gala.

"They want you to get vaccinated for the Met," she tweeted. "if I get vaccinated it won’t for the Met. It’ll be once I feel I’ve done enough research. I’m working on that now. In the meantime my loves, be safe. Wear the mask with 2 strings that grips your head & face. Not that loose one"

The 38-year-old entertainer also revealed she caught COVID while prepping for the VMAs.




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A post shared by TheYBF (@theybf_daily)

In a follow-up tweet, the QUEEN raptress shared a story about reactions her cousin supposedly had from getting the vaccine. She also said she’ll likely get the vaccine so she can go on tour.

“My cousin in Trinidad won’t get the vaccine cuz his friend got it & became impotent. His testicles became swollen. His friend was weeks away from getting married, now the girl called off the wedding. So just pray on it & make sure you’re comfortable with ur decision, not bullied.”

MSNBC host Joy-Ann Reid aired out her frustrations with Nicki’s tweets on her show, “The ReidOut," scolding her for not promoting the shot to her 22 million Twitter followers.

“For you to use your platform to encourage our community to not protect themselves and save their lives, my God, you could do better than that. It’s a blessing. It’s a blessing that you got that. That people listen to you and they listen to you more than they listen to me,” Joy-Ann said.

“For you to use your platform to put people in the position of dying from a disease they don’t have to die from, oh, my God! As a hip-hop fan, as somebody who is your fan, I’m so sad that you did that. So sad that you did that, sister. Oh, my God. Lord.”

Peep the clip below:


.@JoyAnnReid responds to @NICKIMINAJ‘s tweets on the #COVID19 vaccine: "For you to use your platform to encourage our community to not protect themselves and save their lives… As a fan, I am so sad that you did that." #TheReidOut #reiders

— The ReidOut (@thereidout) September 13, 2021


The Pinkprint rapper took offense to Joy-Ann’s commentary and responded in several tweets, accusing the TV host of lying on her and trying to take "down a black woman."

“This is what happens when you’re so thirsty to down another black woman (by the request of the white man), that you didn’t bother to read all my tweets. ‘My God SISTER do better’ imagine getting ur dumb a– on tv a min after a tweet to spread a false narrative about a black woman,” Nicki tweeted..

“A lying homophobic c**n. I guess I can join in the reindeer games too right? Ppl can go on tv & lie on me, I can report on them, too right? Smiling face. Doesn’t have to be truths. It can be half truths. Uncle Tomiana asked who on earth would trust the US FDA guys…,” she tweeted..

When media outlets started picking up on the story, Nicki started calling them out online for publishing lies about her: 

Nicki also popped back at Meghan McCain and Piers Morgan‘s reations to her COVID commentary:


Still, some people may only see the one or two posts where she did promote nonfactual distrust of the vaccine. And that is what people believed was irresponsible.

People – including doctors – quickly pointed out this alleged story about her cousin’s friend in Trinidad is not a side effect of Covid but is definitely something that happens to people with untreated STI’s.  Others claimed that story is nothing more than a fake anecdote floating around online circles similar to other "my aunt’s friend’s brother said the FBI xyz" because they were told the same thing and everyone doesn’t have the same cousin.




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A post shared by TheYBF (@theybf_daily)

While people have a right to "research" what actual scientific researchers have already researched for years, it appears that her sharing unconfirmed and likely false anecdotal stories to sow distrust is what JoyAnne and millions on social media took issue with.



Fans noticed Nicki’s social media drama came on the heels of a NEW report about her husband Kenneth Petty‘s rape case. The woman who accused Petty of rape in the ’90s filed a lawsuit accusing the couple of harassing and intimidating her. There were reports that her attorney was having a hard time serving Nicki & Kenneth, but that seemingly has changed.

Last month, Jennifer Hough filed a lawsuit against The Petty’s, claiming the famous couple has harassed and intimidated her in an attempt to get her to recant rape allegations against Kenneth Petty. According to reports, Jennifer’s legal team was having a problem serving The Pettys, but it seems they may have located the couple.

AllHipHop reports:

According to Hough, Nicki and Kenneth have bombarded her with phone calls, stalked her in numerous states, offered her cash, and even contacted her family with a $500,000 offer if she would just retract the allegations against Nicki’s husband.

Hough even claims associates of Kenneth sent her chilling messages flashing guns as recently as August, which made her fear for her life and moved to another state – again. Hough refuses to do so. She is adamant she was raped by the rapper’s husband.

After the lawsuit was filed, Hough’s attorney Tyrone Blackburn told the court he was having trouble tracking the couple down, because their lawyers were refusing to reply to emails and phone calls.

Last week, Hough attempted to serve Kenneth Petty (even though he appeared via Zoom) when he appeared at the Central District Of California Court in Los Angeles, where he formally pleaded guilty to failing to register as a sex offender, on September 9.

It is unclear if that attempt was successful. However, Jennifer Hough and her attorney finally found Nicki’s address in Calabasas, California, where she was formally served with the complaint.

Nicki has 21 days to respond to the complaint, or a default judgment will be entered against the Petty’s.

You’ll recall, Kenneth "Zoo" Petty, 43, struck a plea deal with the feds last month. However, he could still end up behind bars.

Mr. Petty agreed to plead guilty to one count of failing to register as a sex offender in California. In return, the feds will reportedly seek a sentence towards the low end of the guidelines. The maximum sentence allowed for the crime is 10 years in prison and a lifetime of supervised release.

His sentencing is scheduled for January 24, 2022, so he’ll be home with Nicki and "Papa Bear" for the holidays.





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A post shared by Joy-Ann Reid (@joyannreid)


In March 2020, Mr. Petty turned himself in to police after he was pulled over by police for a traffic stop in November 2019. Cops ran his name and realized he was a registered sex offender in New York, but failed to register in California after he moved there in 2019 with his wife.

Kenneth was convicted of first-degree attempted rape in 1995. According to reports, he served nearly 4 years in NY state prison and was required to register as a sex offender.

Photo: Nicki’s IG

Rihanna Pregnancy Rumors Heat Up Once More With That Balenciaga Blanket Dress At Met Gala With Boyfriend A$AP Rocky

Rihanna‘s appearance at the 2021 Met Gala with her rapper boyfriend A$AP Rocky has reignited pregnancy rumors. The Met Gala Queen’s Balenciaga blanket dress has folks wondering if she’s carrying a mini RiRi or Rocky.

More inside…

A little Rocky or RiRi on the way? Not so fast. It’s all rumors. For now.

Over the last decade or so, it seems there’s a "Rihanna is pregnant" rumor. Now, folks are speculating if the Bajan baddie is carrying her boyfriend A$AP Rocky’s child after her appearance at the 2021 Met Gala in NYC.

Before she (literally) shut down the Met Gala carpet, she was spotted making her way inside of her hotel. Screaming fans stood outside of the hotel as the "Work" singer made her way into the establishment. Decked in all black, fans are now speculating if they see a baby bump. Check it:




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A post shared by TheYBF (@theybf_daily)

Then, she made her way to the Met Gala with Rocky:

Serving up her interpretation of the "American pride" theme, the Grammy Award winning singer was the final celebrity to hit the Met Gala carpet, closing the night out in an oversized Balenciaga overcoat accessorized with a matching hat, custom designed Demna Gvasalia. Fans think she chose the "blanket dress" to hide her alleged baby bump.


Rihanna is pregnant, isn’t she? Otherwise she wouldn’t dare to wear some Bed Bath & Beyond king size blanket

— BabyJasmin (@godbritbrit) September 14, 2021


Joining her on the carpet, Rocky turned heads in giant quilt from ERL’s spring 2022 collection.


.@Rihanna and @asvpxrocky have arrived to the 2021 #MetGala!

— Vogue Magazine (@voguemagazine) September 14, 2021


He eventually took the coat off and showed off his black tuxedo underneath:

Me after seeing ASAP Rocky take off his coat just for him to be wearing a black suit #MetGala2021

— cocoapuffs (@Shearewatching) September 14, 2021


After the Met Gala, Rih & Rocky made their way to the singer’s private annual Met Gala afterparty

Rih stripped down into something more fitting (and sheer) to turn up in before greeting Migos rapper Quavo


Rihanna colocou um look mais sexy para o anual afterparty do #MetGala2021

— RIHANNASP (@Rihannassp) September 14, 2021


Megan Thee Stallion switched out of her Coach dress for something more dance floor ready.

The gorgeous Mary J. Blige slipped out of her Peter Dundas gown and changed into this pink cut-out dress for the afterparty scene.

As you know, Rih is a huge "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" fan, so it was no surprise Kathy Hilton from RHOBH was in the afterparty mix.


Lil Nas X, SZA, Kehlani, Normani, Venus Williams, Lewis Hamilton were also seen making their way inside RiRi’s bash: 


Normani at Rihanna’s Met Ball afterparty. (as usual no picture of the two of them. Why do they hate me?)

— alf (@vibebey) September 14, 2021


Kehlani & @sza arriving at Rihanna’s Met Gala Afterparty last night.

— KEHLANI DAILY (@kehlanidaiIy) September 14, 2021


Lewis & Venus Williams arriving at Rihanna’s MET Gala afterparty

— iesh (@brocedes) September 14, 2021


Fun times.

Photo: Getty/@metmuseum

MET GALA 2021 Was Giving 70s Realness, Timeless Old Hollywood Glam & A Touch Of Extraness For Fashion’s Biggest Night

It’s fashion’s biggest night and the girls did not disappoint. Fashion heads were treated with American-inspired ‘fits for this year’s theme where celebs served up 70s realness, timeless Old Hollywood glam and a dash of EXTRA that we all love and appreciate in fashion.


Soak in looks from Yara Shahidi, Keke Palmer, Zoe Kravitz, Winnie Harlow and tons more inside…

The 2021 Met Gala was sprinkled with everything we didn’t know we needed for its "comeback" ball after canceling last year’s event due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The gala was in celebration of Metropolitan Museum of Art’s newest exhibition, “In America: A Lexicon of Fashion,” which opens to the public in the Anna Wintour Costume Center on September 18th. Before the official opening of the exhibit, celebs made their way to the carpet of the annual Met Gala to share their interpretation of the "American independence" theme.

"Grown-ish" starlet Yara Shahidi did NOT disappoint when she pulled up on the carpet. The 21-year-old actress executed her American theme interpretation with perfection as she paid homage to an iconic Black woman in America: American-born French icon Josephine Baker. How fitting.

The young activist floated up the stairs in a custom strapless Christian Dior gown that featured intricate beading. She topped her look off with a diamond headband placed delicately over cornrows that cascaded into brushed-out curls. The gloves and the train topped off her stunning look of the night.


Keke Palmer channels her inner Diana Ross to pay homage to the iconic singer for her first time attending (and hosting) the Met Gala. She rocked a sparkly floor-length Sergio Hudson gown. Her hair and makeup really pulled her look together to ooze 70s realness.

Not only did she slay the carpet, she also served as a co-host of VOGUE’s red carpet livestream where she interviewed celebs as they made their way down up the stairs to the event.

Watch Keke chopping it up with famed sprinter Sha’Carri Richardson below:


Sha’Carri Richardson in custom Theophilio. Her dress is laser cut fringe lamb skin leather. The underlay and train is laser cut mesh. Her bag is Brandon Blackwood. Alton Mason also wears custom Theophilio:

— AB/G (@bibbygregory) September 14, 2021



Come through fashion! Supermodel Winnie Harlow twirled on the carpet in an edgy Iris Van Herpen jumpsuit.

Zoe Kravitz bared it all on the carpet in a sheer crystal Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello slip dress. She rocked a silver thong underneath, exposing some butt cleavage for the masses.

Zoë Kravitz at the 2021 Met Gala in Yves Saint Laurent

Yay or Nay?

I say, if you’ve got the bod & you’re dating Channing Tatum, go for it.

Or is it too chainmail beachwear?

I can’t decide. I do however have a song stuck in my head now.

I like big butts & I cannot lie.

— Heather (@WillSing4TP) September 14, 2021

Her rumored boo Channing Tatum was also in the mix, although they didn’t do the carpet together.

Actress Tessa Thompson served up Western vibes in Iris Van Herpen with the hat and boots to match. Love the dress. The hat & the boots…not so much.

Singer Erykah Badu went incognito in Thom Browne for an unforgettable look.

NBA baller and fashion lover Russell Westbrook dyed his hair with white Americana stars to top off his navy Ralph Lauren suit to attend his first Met Gala.

Hip Hop artist Kid Cudi brought street-style to the carpet in head-to-toe Louis Vuitton. He finished his look with a $1 million chain by KAWS x Ben Baller. Sheesh.


Oscar winning actress Regina King hit up the carpet alongside fashion designer Michael Kors, styling in shimmery navy and gold dress and matching coat.

Tony and Grammy-winner Cynthia Erivo sashayed down the carpet in a cream-colored Moschino gown and dripped in jewels by Roberto Coin.

Off-White & Louis Vuitton designer Virgil Abloh rocked an interesting Louis Vuitton ‘fit. Do we love it?


"The View" co-host Whoopi Goldberg wowed in purple Valentino.

Dutch model Imaan Hammam looked dreamy in a vintage Atelier Versace gown with stars.

Tennis superstar Venus Williams looked like a goddess in a crimson Prabal Gurung gown paired with Swarovski jewelry.

Simple, yet sexy. Model Joan Smalls kept it sleek in Ralph Lauren.

"POSE" star Indya Moore pulled up in Saint Laurent.





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A post shared by Kehlani (@kehlani)


Singer Kehlani wore Aliette, styled by Law Roach.


— Alia (Meg’s wife) Lilith’s Week (@DarklinaXSylki) September 14, 2021


Actress Laura Harrier STUNNED in a glamorous custom Altuzarra gold lame gown that featured Turkish knit embroidery. She walked the carpet with designer Joseph Altuzarra.


Here we are. Audra McDonald in Sergio Hudson. Very nice. I like the bracelets. I wonder if the shirt comes off when it gets hot on the dance floor?

— Julie the vaccinated and cranky (@JulieTheCranky) September 14, 2021


Broadway starlet Audra McDonald was a breath of fresh air in Sergio Hudson.

Actress Amandla Stenberg showed off her quirky style in Thom Browne.

Model Precious Lee, who was invited by Instagram who had a table full of celebs, posed it up in a glittery dress by Area. SLAYED.

Model Anok Yai served up Josephine Baker vibes.




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A post shared by D-Nice (@dnice)

DJ D-Nice shared his experience following his first Met Gala gig.




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A post shared by Jackie Aina (@jackieaina)

Beauty influencer Jackie Aina brought the Black Barbie fashions.




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A post shared by The Metropolitan Museum of Art (@metmuseum)


Singer-songwriter Leon Bridges served up Western vibes in Bode.




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A post shared by Nina Parker (@mzgossipgirl)

E! correspondent Nina Parker dazzled in Ugochi Iwuaba (a black designer) to pay homage to an American queen, Beyonce!

FAB times!


Photos: Getty


#METGALA Legends Serve Up Epic ‘American’ Inspired Fashion: IMAN, JLo, Ciara, Lupita, Tracee, Taraji, Serena, MJB & Gabrielle Union

Several fashion vets made their way to The Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC to flex their American fashions for this year’s Met Gala theme.


Go inside for the fashion deets on the legends of the Met Gala who have made it a HABIT to slay every time…..


Fashion lovers rejoiced when the red carpet opened for the biggest night of fashion. Especially since the Met Gala got canceled last year due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

This year, celebs had to prove proof of vaccination to attend this year’s gala, hence why Nicki Minaj announced she wasn’t attending (at least in part).

Since we’re just getting back into the swing of things, the Met Gala dedicated this year’s theme to the United States titled, "In America: A Lexicon of Fashion."

Let’s just say supermodel IMAN ‘OVERstood’ the assignment. Because…like…UGH! Utter iconic perfection! The legendary supermodel showed all the newbies how its done.

As she made her grand entrance, IMAN glowed in gold Harris Reed that featured a tiered metallic overskirt and a custom headpiece to match.




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A post shared by Vogue (@voguemagazine)

THIS is how you do the Met Gala. And honestly, the carpet REALLY could have been closed after Iman arrived.  Because chick shut ish down.





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A post shared by The Metropolitan Museum of Art (@metmuseum)

Jennifer Lopez never disappoints at the Met Gala and this year wasn’t any different.

She took a risk and it worked. We’re feeling the Western chic flawlessness, a nod to America’s hstory with the wild, wild west,  that only she can pull off.

And her boo Ben Affleck was right by her side:

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck on the #MetGala carpet.

— #MetGalaOutfits (@MetGalaOutfits) September 14, 2021

EMMY nominated actress Tracee Ellis Ross always executes a fashion assignment in a perfect way.

She slipped into a royal blue Balenciaga couture number to pay homage to a few Black American icons. Watch her breakdown her ‘fit with Keke Palmer below:

KeKe Palmer interview with Tracee Ellis Ross was everything I didn’t know knew I needed!
Ha! #MetGala #MetGala2021

— RZA. (@ROZtheCreator) September 13, 2021


Ciara loves an edgy look for the Met Gala. And it doesn’t get much edgier than rocking a football jersey dress to rep for her NFL husband Russell Wilson. Especially since there’s no sport (other than baseball) more American than football.

The mom-of-three slipped into a bright green, Seahawks inspired, cut-out Peter Dundas gown that was obviously custom made just for her. The dress featured the number 3 on the front, which is the same number her husband wears. And the crystal covered football purse is super cute.

It’s different. It fits the theme. And it works.




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A post shared by Mary J Blige (@therealmaryjblige)

Red carpet slayer Mary J. Blige also wore Peter Dundas. She looked amazing, but safe.

A denim dress with a 2021 spin on it? Yep. You can’t get anymore "American" than that.

Oscar winner Lupita Nyong’o looked amazing and her hair – inspired by the artworks of Lorna Simpson – pulled her look together:

Lupita Nyong’o simply always understands the assignment. #MetGala

— Variety (@Variety) September 14, 2021

Taraji P. Henson – who celebrated her birthday on Saturday – hit the Met Gala carpet in a Moschino jumpsuit that featured a little butt cleavage. On the carpet, she said she was going to turn up all month for her birthday!

One time for the birthday chick! She said her look was inspired by iconic singer Diana Ross:




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A post shared by taraji p henson (@tarajiphenson)


Tennis superstar Serena Williams loves a feathered look, so she incorporated that in her superhero-inspired Gucci ‘fit for the night. She kept her cape on while on the carpet, so we couldn’t get a good look at her lace, star covered bodysuit underneath.

She brought her hubby, Alexis Ohanian, as her date.

"L.A.’s Finest" actress Gabreille Union is no stranger to posing it up at the Met Gala. She wore an intricate piece of art made by Iris Van Herpen. On the carpet, Gabby said they started working on the piece in April and 1,400 hours went into its creation. 




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A post shared by Gabrielle Union-Wade (@gabunion)

"This work of art changes with every step. It’s what this dress embodies. For me, what’s needed in fashion and in life is change and evolution," she captioned.

Designer Iris Van Herpen dished on the inspo behind the dress:

We created Gabrielle her custom look passionately for this year’s Met Gala, thousands of spheres are cut and layerd in size gradients from a translucent white ‘liquid’ fabric and lasercut with a fine silver outline, to then be handstitched seamlessly in a multilevel optical illusion from which waves seem to float down weightlessly.

Grateful for our atelier & great talents that have created the hypnotic artistry meticulously.

Enlivening positive change ~ in November this custom creation will be auctioned with @Sothebys and the proceeds will fully be donated to the @AmazonConservation Association and the @RainforestTrust .

Her stylist for tonight broke down just what it took to make this piece of art as well:

Change. Instead of referencing what was, we wanted to create a dress that embodied what is needed: change, forward momentum, infinite progress. Comprised of over 10,000 circles, the innumerous spheres and final dress took 1,800 hours to construct. Gabrielle’s dress changes and moves as she wears it – even when standing still. As a champion for progress, change, and evolution, tonight Gabrielle Union-Wade is embodying what we need to see in American Fashion.

You feelin’ it?


Photos: Getty/Met Museum

Once Again, Lil Nas X Leaves Viewers In Shock Following 2021 MTV VMAs Performance

By now, you know Lil Nas X is going to bring the shock value and his performance at the 2021 MTV Video Music Awards was no different.

Go inside to see his performance – another viral moment to add to his collection – inside…

Lil Nas X brings the shock value … again.

It’s nothing for the "Old Town Road" artist to have folks jaws on the floor following a performance, so it didn’t come as a surprise when he turned up at the 2021 MTV Video Music Awards.

Tight pink boxers. Pink ski masks. Half naked dancers. A twerk fest. Lil Nas X made sure to put on an entertaining show for his fans while he performed his single "Montero (Call Me By Your Name)" and "Industry Baby." Y’all know rapper Booise is losing it. Surprised he hasn’t hopped on IG Live to complain yet.

Peep Nas perform "Industry Baby" & "Montero" below: 

After hitting the stage…

Lil Nas X was awarded Video of the Year for “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)." During his acceptance speech, he thanked the "gay agenda" before thanking his team who helped create the video.

“OK, first I want to say thank you to the gay agenda. Let’s go gay agenda!”

Check it below:

Photos: Getty Images


#HAVEMERCY: Chlöe Serves Up Beyoncé 2.0 Vibes For Solo Debut At 2021 MTV VMAs

Following the perfectly crafted blueprint of the one and only Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter, Chlöe had tongues wagging and folks singing her praises for entertaining the masses with an incredible solo debut during this year’s MTV Video Music Awards.

Peep her performance inside…

The singer Chloe Bailey is gone. Chlöe has entered the chat.

We grew to love her as 1/2 of Chloe x Halle, Beyonce‘s soulful singing sister proteges. Now, she’s going by Chlöe and she’s making sure you don’t forget it.

We knew her solo debut at the MTV VMAs would be good, but we weren’t expecting everything she delivered as she performed her new single "Have Mercy," which was released on September 10th. The music video features Chlöe a modern-day Medusa. For her VMAs performance, she gave that and more.





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A post shared by Yvette Noel-Schure (@yvettenoelschure)


Chlöe’s new track and MTV VMAs performance is her first track and performance as a solo artist after previously releasing music and performing with her sister, Halle Bailey.

Showing her sisterly love, Halle – who plays Ariel in Disney’s upcoming live-action of "The Little Mermaid" – excitedly introduced her sister’s solo performance.

Catch the Parkwood vibes below:



Photos: Getty Images


Normani Understood The MTV VMAs Performance Assignment & ATE, Channeled Janet Jackson With Surprise Teyana Taylor Cameo

One thing about Normani, sis is going to serve up an epic performance. The 2021 MTV Video Music Awards tried to sleep on Normani, but she proved just why she should have been slated to perform from the very beginning.

Get into her Janet Jackson-inspired performance that featured a surprise cameo from Teyana Taylor inside…


The 2021 MTV Video Music Awards tried to play our good sis Normani. Let’s not act like she didn’t SLAY her solo performance at the 2019 MTV Video Music Awards.

Weeks before the awards show, fans were rushing Normani with questions about whether or not she would be performing at this years MTV Video Music Awards. Not shying away from the drama, she revealed the awards show hadn’t reached out to invite her to perform after the first round of performers were announced.

Normani’s fans went hard in the paint for the former Fifth Harmony singer, creating online petitions and running up hashtags like #LetNormaniPerform to help knock some sense in the awards show producers. Well, they finally caught on and announced she would be performing days before the live show went down inside at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center.

And boy were we in for a treat!

The 25-year-old entertainer hit the stage for an epic performance of her chart topping hit, "Wild Side," featuring Cardi B. It was the first time she performed the song on television. Cardi B couldn’t make it since she just gave birth to her second baby, a boy, whom she shares with Offset.

Towards the end of her performance, the "Motivation" singer surprised fans with an homage to Janet Jackson’s “Would You Mind” that featured a cameo from Teyana Taylor all tied up. Fans lost it as Normani straddled Teyana (both rocking London Couture) while twerking, bringing back memories of how Janet made that man’s life years ago.


Surpriseeeeeee @Normani







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A post shared by Atl Designer (@londoncouture.est90)


Watch Normani turn up her "Wild Side" with Teyana below:

For reference, peep Janet’s performance below:

With the way rapper Lil Boosie always wants homophobic smoke with Lil Nas X, now TS Madison is wondering where is that same energy over girl-on-girl action being front and center during an awards show: 





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A post shared by Ts Madison (@therealtsmadison)




Photos: Michael Loccisano/Getty Images


VMAS RED CARPET: Lil Nas X, Chloe & Halle, Saweetie, Ciara, Ashanti, Doja Cat & More Have Everybody Talking


Your faves were all the way back outside in New York for the 2021 VMAs. We’ve got all the fashion, the lewks, the could-have-kept-it looks and all the unexpected appearances inside.

The 2021 VMAs went down at Brooklyn Barclays Center in full force after a scaled down-mostly pre-recorded 2020 VMAS (thanks to Covid).  Host Doja Cat had plenty of jaw dropping looks in her bag for the night, but Lil Nas X may have won that battle with his long train’d red carpet look.





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A post shared by MTV (@mtv)




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A post shared by MTV (@mtv)




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A post shared by Logo (@logotv)


He also took home the top award – Video of the Year for "Call Me By My Name".

Chloe and Halle made their arrival side by side before Chloe made her solo debut with her performance. And they had two totally different vibes  with their looks:




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A post shared by MTV (@mtv)




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A post shared by MTV (@mtv)


Chloe – who was a performer for the night – popped out with an odd, futuristic foil look from Marni. Didn’t love it.  And halle was giving us sultry in a sexy, white Monot dress.  

The locs and makeup on both ladies though were perfection.

Normani also gave us a sexy, killer white look for the carpet before she performed:





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A post shared by MTV (@mtv)



Host Doja Cat started off her night with her first of MANy looks for the night:




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A post shared by MTV (@mtv)


She hosted and performed.

Saweetie gave grecian goddess vibes in this icy, vintage Hollywood glam look:




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A post shared by MTV (@mtv)


She’s also the newest global ambassador for MAC Cosmetics, so her makeup was on point oo.  As always.

Ciara had a SUPER busy day, but wife and mom duties never end, even as a superstar. 

She and the kids jetted from NY – where she’s been all week for Fashion Week – to Indianapolis earlier Sunday to watch Russell play his first game of the regular season with the Seahawks.  She wasn’t missing the first game of his 10th year for nothing. 

Then, she headed back to NY later on just in time to slay the red carpet in Tom Ford:




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A post shared by Mariel Haenn (@marielhaenn)


Yes ma’am!


Rapper Flo Milli sparkled her way onto the carpet:

Love to see it.

The Deans hit the carpet with their coupledom before Alicia Keys took the stage to perform:


A little boring but…no surprise there.


Newly single Winnie Harlow closed out the Laquan Smith fashion show earlier in the week, so it was only right she wore the designer for the red carpet too:




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A post shared by Winnie Harlow♔ (@winnieharlow)

The flirty short set was perfect for this show.


We didn’t expect to see this pairing on the carpet.  Ashanti and repeat-baby-daddy Nick Cannon posed it up as Ashanti arrived in a sexy cut-out/banded dress before presenting alongside Ja Rule.  They were being saluted as Y2K icons, so it looks like Nick was just showing his love – on one knee:




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A post shared by Getty Images Entertainment (@gettyentertainment)

Nick Cannon and Ashanti at the 2021 MTV VMAs! (ANGELA WEISS/AFP via Getty Images)

— Girls United (@EssenceGU) September 13, 2021




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A post shared by VH1 (@vh1)


Be careful girl.  He can get you pregnant just from a look, apparently.


But this look though….

Busta Rhymes, Spliff Star and co. also hit the carpet.


Big Latto and her epic braid pulled up to the carpet with 24K vibes:


Stunning model Adut Akechserved up sheer sex appeal:


"Cinderella" star Billy Porter hit the carpet super glammed up, and styled by Beyonce’s ex-stylist Ty Hunter:




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Tinashe was definitely in the Y2K state of mind when she hit the carpet.  We don’t know if it’s year 2000 or 2021 ust by looking at her and these lace up leather pants:




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A post shared by MTV (@mtv)

Definitely a throw back Britney Spears/Chistina Aguilera vibe that we’re SURE they rocked to the VMAs in the past.


And Simone Biles hit her first major red carpet since the Tokyo Olympics:

Pretty in pink!

Just call her Queen Kamie:

MTV’s "Catfish" host and former Miss Teen USA Kamie Crawford made her VMAs red carpet debut with a sparkly look.

And social media stars (L-R) Denzel Dion and Rickey Thompson also hit the carpet with a definite statement look:


Photos: Getty, Courtesy of MTV Networks

Model Jasmine Tookes Marries Snapchat Exec In JAW-DROPPING Fairytale Wedding, Then Hits The NYFW Runway

Jasmine Tookes trekked it down the aisle to marry Snapchat exec Juan David Borrero in Ecuador. Then, she hopped on a flight to New York to strut her stuff at New York Fashion Week. See flicks from her fairytale wedding and her hot shots at NYFW inside…

Supermodel Jasmine Tookes is having the best two weeks of her life.

The 30-year-old Victoria’s Secret Angel married Juan David Borrero, 31-year-old director of international markets at Snapchat, at The Church and Convent of St. Francis in Ecuador (his home country) on September 4th. Juan is also the son of Alfredo Borrero, the Vice President of Ecuador.




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A post shared by Jasmine Tookes (@jastookes)

"Still can’t believe I’m living in a real life fairytale with you @juandavidborrero 9.4.21. I’m officially Mrs. Borrero," she captioned a carousel of gorgeous flicks from her fairytale wedding.




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A post shared by Jasmine Tookes (@jastookes)


We lterally GASPED.  The supermodel wore a custom long-sleeve Zuhair Murad gown, inspired by Grace of Monaco, that featured a 15-foot-long train and a removable top skirt, which she paired with custom Perfect heels from Sarah Flint.




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A post shared by Jasmine Tookes (@jastookes)


For her "something blue," Jasmine customized her white pumps with scalloped blue leather lining, plus an engraved plaque on each outsole monogrammed with her new initials and wedding date.

The groom wore a double-breasted Armani tuxedo for their speical day.




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A post shared by Josephine Skriver Daily News (@josephineskriverdailynews)


After dating for four years, Juan popped the question to Jasmine last September:




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A post shared by Jasmine Tookes (@jastookes)


He pulled off an extravagent propoasal which included a helicopter ride to a romantic spot in Utah. Juan asked for her hand in marriage with a seven-carat diamond ring. Sheesh!

“Before going to the hotel, we landed in between rocks in the middle of nowhere and sat and had Champagne and a charcuterie board,” she told VOGUE. “A photographer hired to capture the moment disguised herself as a hotel staff member, and she told us to check out the lookout point after we were finished with our Champagne. Once we walked up there, I looked down on the ground, and [written there was], ‘Will you marry me?’ I was in complete shock. It was the sweetest, most thoughtful proposal that I could have ever imagined.”

Sweet. Congrats to the couple!

After the wedding….

It was back to work!

jasmine tookes for laquan smith ss22

— RINA. (@LAVIDAPRADA) September 10, 2021

Jasmine Tookes ripped the runway for Laquan Smith and she also hit up the Revolve Gallery during New York Fashion Week.





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A post shared by Jasmine Tookes (@jastookes)


Gorge!  Black supermodels are TOP TIER.  We love to see it.

Photo: Getty

Nicki Minaj Pulls Out MTV VMAs Performance As Husband Kenneth Petty Pleads Guilty To Failure To Register As Sex Offender, Faces Years In Prison

Nicki Minaj just announced she will no longer be performing at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards. The announcement comes shortly after reports that her husband Kenneth "Zoo" Petty pleaded guilty for failing to register as a sex offender in California.

All the deets inside…

Sorry Barbz! Nicki Minaj is no longer set to perform at the 2021 MTV Video Music Awards ceremony, set to go down this Sunday.

A fan tweeted the QUEEN raprtress about performing at this year’s show, which will be held inside Brooklyn’s Barclays Center, and she announced she decided to pull out of performing. As for the reason? She said she’ll explain another day. However, fans can expect her to hit the stage at the VMAs next year.




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A post shared by TheYBF (@theybf_daily)

“I just pulled out. I’ll explain why another day. But I love those guys at MTV. thank you Bruce. I love you so much. Next year we there baby,” the "Seeing Green" raptress tweeted.

News of the 38-year-old Young Money emcee pulling out of the VMAs comes on the heels of reports about her husband Kenneth Petty’s sex offender case. Just recently, the husband to the NYC raptress pleaded guilty during a virtual court hearing on a charge of failing to register as a sex offender in California.

You’ll recall, Kenneth "Zoo" Petty, 43, struck a plea deal with the feds last month. However, he could still end up behind bars.

Mr. Petty agreed to plead guilty to one count of failing to register as a sex offender in California. In return, the feds will reportedly seek a sentence towards the low end of the guidelines. The maximum sentence allowed for the crime is 10 years in prison and a lifetime of supervised release.

His sentencing is scheduled for January 24, 2022, so he’ll be home with Nicki and "Papa Bear" for the holidays.

In March 2020, Mr. Petty turned himself in to police after he was pulled over by police for a traffic stop in November 2019. Cops ran his name and realized he was a registered sex offender in New York, but failed to register in California after he moved there in 2019 with his wife.

Kenneth was convicted of first-degree attempted rape in 1995. According to reports, he served nearly 4 years in NY state prison and was required to register as a sex offender.

The rape victim has been vocal about allegedly being harassed and intimidated by Nicki and folks in her camp. She recently spoke out about an alleged recent threat on her life, claiming one of their associates threatened her with guns even after she filed a new lawsuit against them. You can get those deets HERE.


On a more positive note….

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A post shared by Barbie (@nickiminaj)

Nicki shared some adorable videos of her & Kenneth’s baby boy that they affectionately call Papa Bear. Check out the clips of Papa Bear getting his hair done and playing with his dad above and below: 


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A post shared by Barbie (@nickiminaj)

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Photo: Nicki’s IG

COSMO Cover Girl Venus Williams Says She Isn’t ‘Desperate’ For Marriage, Admires Naomi Osaka For Her Strength

A ring is the last thing on Venus Williams‘ mind. The Cosmopolitan cover girl gets real about not being "desperate" to marry at the age of 41. She also shares her thoughts about fellow tennis player Naomi Osaka and what she’s doing that’s changing the tennis game inside…

We didn’t get to see Venus Williams flex her skills at the 2021 U.S. Open due to an injury. However, she’s Cosmopolitan magazine’s October cover girl and she looks AH-MAZING with her adorable dog, Harry:




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A post shared by Venus Williams (@venuswilliams)


Inside, the seven-time Grand Slam winner opened up about relationships and why her ultmate goal in life isn’t trekking down the aisle to be married.

The 41-year-old athlete explained her love of freedom is one driving force why she isn’t rushing to tie the knot, and why she doesn’t feel pressure to settle down with a romantic partner or start a family.



— dani (@f1nadal) September 8, 2021


“I have a lot of friends who don’t believe me when I say that I like my life and I don’t want to change it for any reason. I’m not desperate and they don’t believe me,” she shared.

Sis is NOT worried meeting a deadline to get married and said she’s happy with singledom (or just dating).

“They say things like, ‘You’re going to miss your window.’ I’m like, ‘Please, relax. You might feel this way, but I don’t. I promise you I don’t.’”


“There’s this sort of quiet resistance that Venus always carries herself with,” says journalist and podcast host Jemele Hill. “She’s chosen to live her life so unapologetically and I think there’s a beauty in that. Especially when you think about these narratives about how Black women are desperate or lonely or how after a certain age, something is wrong with you if you aren’t getting married or having kids. The joy that she has both on the court and off it is kind of an indirect retaliation to that narrative. She just seems like somebody who’s just not pressed. I love that about her.”

And so do we. Even after her tennis superstar sister Serena Williams tied the knot To Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian, Venus is still rocking to the beat of her own singledom drum. And we love to see women living THEIR best life how THEY see fit.

Venus last played at the Chicago Women’s Open last month before announcing she was pulling out of the 2021 U.S. Open, joining her sister Serena on the sidelines. She said she was having issues with her leg that caused her to drop out. It’s the first time she hasn’t played at the U.S. Open since 2006.

Folks have been keeping tabs on tennis, especially since Naomi Osaka has been vocal about her struggles in the sport. She withdrew from the French Open because she prioritized her mental health first and Venus is all for it.

“I admire everyone who stands up for what is right, which isn’t easy,” she says of Naomi and her peers. “It takes strength, courage, and vulnerability. I love to see this next generation of players be willing and open to do that regardless of the cost to them.”

And while she didn’t HAVE to say it, Venus and Serena are the reason why they’re so many different young women of color dominating the sport, so she (and Serena) know all to well about pressures of being a world-class athlete.

This fall…

Venus and Serena’s childhood and rise to fame will be put on the big screen in November when King Richard, starring Will Smith & Aunjanue Ellis, premieres. In the cover story, she talks about what it was like handling different situations growing up in tennis and how she always stayed true to who she is.

“We’re like gladiators out there, literally,” Venus says in Cosmo. “You go out there with your lance and it’s just you. “As you grow up and mature, you realize you don’t have to be in any situation you find disrespectful,” she explains. “You can let people know what you find disrespectful.”

As we all know, society loves labeling a black woman "angry" or "difficult" when she sets boundaries for people.

“It doesn’t have to be yelling or screaming. I’m not a combative person. I’m never going to let any situation change that, because I want to look back and know that I stayed true to who I am. So come. Come for me if you want to, but you won’t come again.”


You can read more from her cover story here.

A new image from #KingRichard shows Will Smith’s character taking Venus and Serena Williams to tennis.

— Screen Rant (@screenrant) September 9, 2021

King Richard hits theaters and will stream exclusively on HBO Max starting November 19th.

Photo: FRANCESCO PANUNZIO/Shutterstock

Ciara & Lala Anthony Enjoy A Girls’ Night Out At Dundas, Prabal Gurung NYFW Shows + Chloe & Halle, Lori Harvey Turn Up The Heat

Hot shots and fashion!


Ciara, Lala Anthony, Lori Harvey and more were front and center for the Dundas x Revolve New York Fashion Week runway show. Get into their fashion flicks inside…

It’s (almost) Fall. It’s Fashion. It’s FAB! And the front rows are back.

Yep, it’s that time of year again. New York Fashion Week is here and the girls are outside.

Several of your faves made their way to the Dundas x Revolve fashion show to see what new pieces they want to add to their growing fashion collection.

Ciara, Lala Anthony, and Lori Harvey made sure they front row ready for the fall fashion festivities. No surprise there. These ladies are always on the NYFW scene.

CiCi STUNNED in an army green ‘fit that incorporates summer and fall that would serve for a fun look during a girls’ night out: 




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A post shared by Ciara (@ciara)


The "One, Two Step" singer snapped selfies on the front row with model Emily Ratajkowski and her bestie/"Power" star Lala Anthony:

Lala Anthony showed off her long braided ponytail in a zebra print dress to peep the new fashions. 





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A post shared by ℒᎯ ℒᎯ (@lala)


Then, she changed into a sexy, pink number for the Prabal Gurung fashion show:





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A post shared by ℒᎯ ℒᎯ (@lala)


Also on the scene…

Model Jasmine Sanders was on the fashion scene, posing it up.

Socialite/Model Lori Harvey – who’s currently dating actor Michael B. Jordan – showed off her toned figure in a brown dress after working the runway during the Dundas x Revolve show. Gorge.


Lori Harvey looks stunning as always at the NYFW.#NYFW #DUNDASXREVOLVE

— Lori Harvey Looks (@loriharveylooks) September 9, 2021



"Growing Up Hip Hop" co-stars Reginae Carter and Romeo Miller were also in the mix: 





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A post shared by Reginae Carter (@itsreginaecarter)


Photos: Getty


Fashion Week Flashback! The Last 10 Years….